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What is the difference between medium roasted coffee and deep roasted coffee, and how to cook it well?

The purpose of roasting coffee beans is not only to roast the coffee beans, but also to use various roasting degrees to allow raw beans to maximize their flavor characteristics and to achieve the best final quality of the coffee beans. Even for the same coffee beans, the final flavor will be very different through different roasting degrees.

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01. Characteristics of medium roasting and deep roasting

Here we introduce the three common roasting degrees on the market: light roasting, medium roasting and deep roasting, and the three roasting degrees can be further subdivided into eight different roasting degrees:

1. Light roasting: The acidity is obvious

Light roasting: The acidity is very obvious, but there is no bitterness.

Cinnamon roasting: The color and taste are similar to cinnamon

2. Medium roasting: The acidity and bitterness are balanced.

Medium roasting: The smooth acidity

High roasting: The acidity and bitterness are more balanced

Urban roasting: The bitterness and strong taste

3. Deep roasting: The bitterness is heavy, and the acidity is not.

Deep city roasting: no sour taste, slightly bitter taste

French roasting: heavier bitterness

Italian roasting: heavy bitterness

So, the difference in flavor between medium roasting and deep roasting is: medium roasting acidity and bitterness balance, while deep roasting has no sour taste and heavier bitterness.

02. How to make good coffee?

A good cup of coffee must be composed of good coffee varieties suitable roasting degree barista’s brewing skills. There is a saying in the coffee industry that the flavor of a cup of coffee: 60% depends on the variety of coffee, 30% depends on the degree of roasting, and 10% depends on the brewing technology “.

Different roasting degrees of coffee will also present different flavors using different utensils. For how to make delicious coffee with medium and deep roasting degrees, it is recommended to use hand-brewed coffee to make it.

Reason 1: During the brewing process of hand-brewed coffee, the water temperature is constantly changing, so the coffee flavor extracted at each stage is different, which is also the main reason for the changeable flavor level of coffee made by hand;

Reason 2: The operation is simple and the price of the utensils is low;

If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen the utensils. To make a good cup of hand-brewed coffee, good utensils are indispensable.

Take the Japanese Hario hand-brewing set as an example: the hand-brewing pot, coffee filter cup, sharing pot, filter paper, and a hand-crank bean grinder only cost 525 yuan. If you need to buy another electronic scale, it is about 100-200 yuan. If you buy a complete set of hand-brewing utensils, the maximum cost is 725 yuan.

03. How to make hand-brewed coffee?

1. Determine the four elements of brewing coffee:

1. Grinding degree: Moderate grinding, similar to the thickness of white sugar at home.

2. Water temperature: 90-92 ° C for moderate roasting and 88-90 ° C for deep roasting.

3. Ratio: Use a ratio of 1:17. Taking 18g of coffee powder as an example, the coffee liquid needs 306ml.

4. Water speed: The frequency of moderate roasting is faster to avoid insufficient extraction and too sour; the frequency of deep roasting is slower to avoid excessive extraction and too bitter.

II. Production process

1. Wet filter paper: Use a small amount of water to wet the coffee filter paper.

2. Pour coffee powder: Pour the coffee powder into the filter cup slowly and keep the surface of the coffee powder flat.

3. Steaming stage: Use up to 40ml of 92 ° C hot water, quickly wet the surface of the coffee powder, and wait for 30 seconds.

The longer the steaming time: the stronger the bitter taste of the coffee;

The shorter the steaming time: the stronger the sour taste of the coffee;

4. Water filling stage: Pour the water slowly from the center to the outside in a uniform circle, but pay attention to the outermost 0. 5cm Do not pour, so as not to damage the coffee powder layer. When “inside-outside-inside” repeatedly circulates water to 180ml, you can stop watering, wait about 5-10 seconds, and then perform a second water injection until it stops at 306ml.

At this time, a simple cup of hand-brewed coffee is complete.


Coffee roasting can be divided into three categories: mild, medium and deep. The difference lies in the acidity of the coffee and the strength of the bitter taste. Light roasted coffee has strong acidity, moderate roasted coffee has a balance of acidity and bitterness, and deep roasted coffee has a strong bitter taste. Usually, we can choose the corresponding roasted coffee according to the taste of the coffee we like.

But in order to drink good coffee, it is not just about changing the production method and the process of coffee roasting, but choosing good coffee varieties. Among the two major coffee varieties on the market, Arabica’s flavor is the best, with high-quality sour taste, aroma and complex flavor.

So when buying coffee, choose high-quality coffee ripe beans, even if the brewing technology is lacking, the coffee produced will definitely not be bad.

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