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What is the correct way to apply body lotion?

1 bottle of body lotion = whitening, when the foot mask, remove neck lines, light scars, remove wrinkles, and remove black joints! Summarize the N uses of body lotion

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Body lotion should be a must for little fairies in autumn and winter! But don’t just use it for simple wiping, it’s a waste of body lotion. In fact, body lotion can whiten, remove wrinkles, use the foot mask, remove neck lines, light scars, and remove black joints. The effect is all good. Be sure to maximize its maximum effect, which is the seriousness of our slum girls.

When choosing a body milk, you must choose a body milk composed of arbutin (arbutin can inhibit the growth of melanin, reduce the precipitation of skin pigment, and also has the functions of sterilization and anti-inflammation) because it is matched with many things, and the use effect is doubled. Today, I will unlock its super usage for you!

Body milk pearl powder = whitening

The whitening effect of pearl powder is not covered, plus the body milk composed of arbutin. After using it, I feel that it has a brightening effect. It is not exaggerated to be white, but it is really effective.

Honey Milk Body Lotion = Whitening and Wrinkle Removal Hand Mask

Honey’s moisturizing degree is super good! Milk also has a whitening effect, which is more moisturizing than pearl powder. Especially girls who often do laundry and housework use it together, so they don’t need to spend money to make hand masks at all.

Kaiseru just-applied mask body milk = foot mask

If you apply this method to your feet, I bet your heels will not be peeling and hard at all. The main ingredient of Kaiseru is glycerin. Don’t look at it so inconspicuous, the moisturizing effect is absolute. Divide the mask you just applied into two and wrap it on your feet. After 15 minutes, remove the mask and it’s OK

Kaiseru white vinegar body milk = light scars

In fact, arbutin body milk itself has a good function of inhibiting melanin precipitation. If it is a slight scar, you can only apply body milk. If the scar color is very deep and it takes a long time, you have to rely on this trick. Kaiseru will not say much. White vinegar also has the effect of light scars, plus arbutin. It works great for dark scars! But the taste is a little intoxicated

Toothpaste body milk = go to knees and elbows black

Just use whitening toothpaste for toothpaste! First, it can whiten, and second, it can soften the exfoliation and remove melanin. This step of toothpaste is equivalent to a cleaning process. After washing, be sure to moisturize the knee and elbow joints with body lotion. It is the same as skin care after cleaning. If you stick to it for more than a month, you will obviously feel that your knees and elbow joints are not so black.

VE body lotion = remove neck lines

VE Oral administration can resist aging. If you puncture VE and apply it, it will have a good anti-wrinkle effect! So VE is matched with body lotion, which is both moisturizing and anti-wrinkle. When applying, it is matched with massage techniques to promote absorption, and the speed of neck lines fading is visible to the naked eye.

Body Lotion: ALEBLEA Arbutin Body Lotion. I just said the benefits of arbutin. It is mainly for whitening and moisturizing. Girls with dark skin can use it directly, the taste is very small and fresh. The cost performance is also very high.

Pearl powder: bought by Mingchuang. If you want something better, you can buy Jingrun pearls. After all, the advertisement is loud, which proves that it is quite powerful, and its powder is really delicate. The old brand is not covered

Honey and white vinegar: ordinary models in supermarkets are fine

Milk: pure milk is ok. It doesn’t matter if it is fat-free or not

Kaiseru and Vitamin E: There are Kaiseru sold in pharmacies for a few cents. VE buys capsules.

Toothpaste: Ordinary whitening toothpaste at home will do. Note that it is the whitening effect

I dare not guarantee that the method will be useful to everyone. I just share some simple methods that I usually use and think are effective. I hope it can help you~

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