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What is the concentration of Neutrogenol Essence 40?

Neutrogenol Essence 40 concentration means that the concentration of vitamin A alcohol (Retinol) in its products is 0.04%. Vitamin A alcohol is an effective anti-aging ingredient, which can stimulate skin cell renewal, enhance skin elasticity, and fade wrinkles and pigmentation. Neutrogenol Essence 40 concentration is relatively low, suitable for people who use vitamin A alcohol products for the first time, so as not to cause skin irritation if the concentration is too high.

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How to choose Neutrogenol?

The current Neutrogenol A alcohol products can be divided into several series. The main difference is that the A alcohol concentration is different, and the compound ingredients are different.

Simply by color, the concentration is from low to high, followed by blue, purple, silver blue, silver, and a capsule and black.

1. Entry blue

Entry-level A alcohol, low concentration A alcohol, with vitamin b5 and vitamin E, the irritation is relatively low. Mainly fine skin, gentle and anti-aging. Auntie is one of the most popular products here. Cat Chao has activities from time to time, and the price is also good.

2. Stay up late muscle purple

This series has two night creams and eye creams. It is also a low concentration of A alcohol, and pure nicotinamide is added to fade fine lines and brighten skin tone. The official promotion is more suitable for people who stay up late. It is also a style that often does activities, and you can get it at a good price.

3. Light mature age silver blue

This series also has two night creams and eye creams. The main product is a alcohol and hyaluronic acid, and the hydrolyzed balsam leaf essence is also added. The concentration of a alcohol is higher than the previous two series, which is more suitable for the needs of light mature age skin to fade lines. Although the concentration of a alcohol is high, it uses exclusive technology to reduce the irritation.

Occasionally, u will try it first, you can try it.

4. Advanced a alcohol

This series has essence, eye cream and face cream. The concentration of a alcohol is further increased, and peptides and fullerenes are also added to fade fine lines and tighten the skin. It is suitable for people who have higher demand for fighting old age and are more tolerant of a alcohol.

5. A alcohol capsule

This did not find much concentration, anyway, it should not be low. This formula is quite simple, nothing else is added, just put it on the face with a little force. Capsule packaging to avoid oxidation failure. The texture of the gel is that the skin feels almost.

6. High concentration black bottle

Neutrogena currently has the highest concentration of a alcohol essence. If you have not used a alcohol, do not use this as soon as you come up, 0. 5% alcohol, essential oil texture, suitable for dry skin, mature skin, wrinkles, dry lines, and relaxation.

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