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What is the better name for a skin care and body care store that wants to open a healthy life?

I joined a French maintenance makeup brand – EARTHA at the beginning of this year. I don’t know if you know this brand. The store address is in Guangzhou Panyu Wanda. You can come and have a look. The product focuses on maintenance and has good ingredients. I decided to join after using it for a while and doing a field trip in their directly-operated store. The current profit is good, with more than 10,000 performance on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Detailed explanation of the top ten brands of beauty salons?

Brand 1. Pritisha: Pritisha is one of the best beauty salon brands in the country. After more than ten years of development, it currently has nearly 3,000 beauty salons in China. This brand is a licensed chain brand registered by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and is one of the largest beauty salon plus chain brands in the country.

Brand 2. Natural Beauty: When it comes to this brand, few people don’t know. After all, as a relatively well-known beauty salon brand in China, the brand’s influence is very large. At present, the chain stores opened in China are already the most, the most professional and have reached the level of transnational beauty.

Brand 3. Kritina: A large multinational chain beauty salon brand, ranking second among the top ten beauty salon brands in the country, can provide consumers with the most complete and best beauty choices.

Brand 4. Vimeido, a product developed by a domestic high-tech enterprise, combines modern medical beauty products to give women the best beauty care.

Brand 5. Si Yanli, a famous beauty brand in Shanghai, has a very high reputation at home and abroad, and is very professional. It is understood that women who have beauty in this beauty salon generally have good feedback and a very high return rate.

Brand Six, Bailian Kai, one of the most influential brands in China’s beauty market, it is reported that the beauty salon brand has developed very fast from establishment to development, and the effect is also very good. As a well-known beauty salon brand in China, Bailian Kai international enterprises have been deeply sought after by domestic beauty lovers, and the products they develop and promote are often sold out.

Brand Seven, Neruil: a more professional direct chain of beauty salons in China, which is shaped into a beauty chain joint stock company, with a relatively large scale in China and many investors.

Brand 8. Dr. Yao, a chain operation under a multinational group, not only has high-paid medical experts and production technicians at home and abroad, but also has the most professional beauty and skin care experts, providing a foundation for the development and production of high-end beauty products and the development of beauty salon chains.

Brand 9. Samanlisa: Samanlisa Beauty Company has not developed for a long time in China, but its development speed is the fastest. It is not only a young beauty chain in China, but also a top 100 chain enterprise. It is a brand that is generally popular with young people among the top ten beauty salon brands in the country.

Brand 10. Shiting: Shiting originated in France and has occupied the Chinese skin care market for ten years. It has established branches in more than 30 cities in China and has thousands of beauty salons.

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