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What is the best way to wipe your face at the age of 60 to remove wrinkles?

Biotherm Frozen Age Blue Bottle

skin care routine for age 60

Biotherm Frozen Age Blue Bottle is a recently popular anti-aging skin care product. It contains hyaluronic fibrillator fermentation products and yeast extract, which can maintain cell vitality and promote the regeneration of skin collagen, thus playing a role in resisting skin aging. In addition, this skin care product also contains vitamin C glycoside and hyaluronic acid, which have the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing and brightening skin tone.

Does it still work to go to a beauty salon for skin care after the age of 60?

There are still some uses. Most of them are useful for some medical skin care. If it is normal skin care products for maintenance, it is basically of little use. Now many 60-year-olds will choose to get some hyaluronic acid beauty needles and whitening needles, so let this 60-year-old look as young and beautiful as the 30 or 40-year-old. This is some skin care pursued by modern people. However, the cost is also relatively high. You have to inject for a long time. If you stop, you may look even older.

60-year-old wrinkle skin care products?

1. Estee Lauder Miracle Stroke Anti-Wrinkle Serum. This product can effectively resist wrinkles, dilute wrinkles, proliferate collagen, instantly reduce fine lines, and maintain the effect throughout the day.

2. Biotherm Olive Youth Protein Serum. This serum contains three important proteins: epidermal growth-promoting protein, collagen and hsp protein. At the same time, it is also rich in plant extracts of olives, white willow and beech trees, which can help the skin become more hydrated and smooth, make the skin more elastic and reduce wrinkles.

What skin care products do you use for 60 years old?

60 people’s skin is characterized by loose and wrinkled skin, reduced or even disappeared subcutaneous fat, shrinking sweat glands and sebaceous glands, dry, hard and thinner skin, and decreased defense function. Therefore, the elderly can only choose appropriate nutritional cosmetics to delay skin aging and maintain skin vitality. Common nutritional skin care products include the following categories:

Pearl: that is, pearl powder is added to general cosmetics. Pearls contain 24 kinds of trace elements and keratin peptides and other ingredients, which can participate in the metabolism of human enzymes, promote tissue regeneration, and play the role of skin care, beauty, and anti-aging

Ginseng: that is, ginseng ingredients are added to general cosmetics. Ginseng contains a variety of vitamins, hormones and enzymes, which can promote protein synthesis and capillary blood circulation, stimulate nerves, activate the skin, and play a role in moisturizing and conditioning the skin

Bee milk: Bee milk contains a high content of niacin, which can better prevent the skin from thickening; in addition, bee milk also contains proteins, sugars, fats and a variety of bioactive substances required by the human body, thereby moisturizing the skin.

Pollen: Pollen contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins and various elements essential to the human body, which can promote the metabolism of the skin, make the skin soft, increase elasticity, and reduce facial pigmentation and small wrinkles.

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