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What is the best way to use moisturizing and wrinkle-removing cosmetics? Do you all know?

I can only recommend moisturizing and wrinkle-removing products to you separately, because so far I have not found a good product with two effects at the same time, and the technique is specialized. If you want to be good, you should use it with a separate product.

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First of all, products with good moisturizing effect, I really recommend sticking to the water film! Use a good simple water film water as a wet compress, the moisturizing effect is very direct, and there are no too many additives, it will not increase the burden on the skin, and it can also make subsequent skin care products better absorbed! Eva, a water film water with good moisturizing effect, recommends Japan’s muscle fasting water.

Then let me talk about wrinkle products. The best wrinkle-improving thing recognized by the scientific community is vitamin A alcohol! So choosing this serum containing vitamin A alcohol is the best product to fight wrinkles. Eva recommends the crazy hippie VA anti-aging and anti-wrinkle serum here. This serum not only contains VA acid, but it also has a black technology HPR ingredient. It belongs to the night serum. Many of my friends have seen significant improvement after using it.

Then there are two face creams that I also think are good for fighting wrinkles. Filoga’s anti-time anti-wrinkle cream and Neutrogena’s A alcohol night cream can be used one day and one night.

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