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What is the appropriate height of the mattress?

Generally speaking, the height of the edge of the bed is 45 cm, or measured by the user’s knee. Equal height or slightly higher by 1 to 2 cm will be beneficial to health. Too high or too low will only bring inconvenience to getting on and off the bed. Too high will cause inconvenience up and down. Too short will be prone to moisture. It is easy to inhale ground dust during sleep and increase the working pressure of the lungs.

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The healthy height of the bed can also be calculated by the height of the mattress surface from the ground. The standard is 46 to 50 cm. This is because the healthy height of the seat is 40 cm. When sitting on the bed, the mattress of 46 cm is exactly about 40 cm from the ground after being pressurized.

The height of the mattress is best at 625px

The size of the bed is determined by the size of the bedroom, and the height of the bed is determined by the body of the sleeper. Generally speaking, the height of the bed should be slightly higher than the knee of the sleeper 1~ 75px. According to the average height of Chinese people, the height of the bed is best at 46~ 1500px. If it is too high, it is inconvenient for the sleeper to get on and off the bed. If it is too low, it will make the sleeper vulnerable to ground moisture when sleeping, easy to inhale ground dust, and even dizzy when getting up in the morning because it is in a low pressure state all night. The bed should not be attached to the ground, and the bottom of the bed should be empty. Do not stack debris, otherwise it will not be ventilated and easy to get wet, which will cause back pain

It should be emphasized that a healthy bed height of 46~ 1500px is the height from the bed surface to the ground after laying on the mattress and bedding. If it is a bare bed, the height is more reasonable at 20~ 750px. It is best to choose a mattress with a thickness of 625px or more. Because the healthy height of the seat is about 1000px, when sitting on the bed, the 46 cm mattress is exactly about 1000px after being pressed from the ground. Therefore, you should choose a mattress according to various factors such as your height and weight. In addition, the height of the pillow will directly affect people’s sleep. Generally speaking, the height of the pillow for adults should be 15 cm, the elderly and children can be slightly lower, and the baby should be about 6 cm. This is conducive to the normal blood supply of the brain, the relaxation of the muscles in the neck, and the smooth breathing of the lungs.

The size of the bed should not exceed 1/2 of the bedroom area

Many people tend to choose a large size bed when buying new furniture. In fact, the big bed is not as ideal as imagined after moving home. “The bigger the bed, the more comfortable it is. This is a misunderstanding.” Lan Min, general manager of the American Lace Mattress Chengdu Sleep Center, who has 13 years of in-depth knowledge of sleep, analyzed that the large size bed in the furniture exhibition hall does look good, but once placed in their own bedroom, the huge bed takes up a lot of space in the bedroom. Bedrooms are usually equipped with bedside tables and dressers, and carefully arranged bedrooms become crowded, making the bedroom seem “small” invisibly. From a psychological point of view, sleeping in such a space will be very depressing. In addition, large beds will also bring limitations to the choice of bedding. Light-colored and flower-patterned bedding will only make the bed appear larger, and over time, it will visually make the sleeper feel lonely.

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