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What is the abbreviation of mcec?

Motor City Electronics Company

university of michigan pediatric comprehensive weight management center

[Full name in English] MotorCityElectroCompany [Abbreviation classification] Other [Chinese meaning] Motor City Electronics Company MCEC Abbreviation Other meanings MCEC Michigan Cosmetologist Education Council MCEC Monroe County Education Alliance MCEC Military Children’s Education Center

The world’s most authoritative social survey agency?

1. UKDataArchive

Founded in 1967 at the University of Essex, England, UKDataArchive is an internationally recognized center of expertise in acquiring, managing and providing data for the social sciences and humanities. The purpose is to collect high-quality research data for analysis and reuse.

2. Data. Gov.uk

Data.gov.uk is a website founded by the British government that can quickly find government services and information, British government departments, British related policies and other relevant websites related to government and people’s livelihood, and all government departments and many other agencies and public institutions are included here.

3, nter-universityConsortiumforPoliticalandSocialResearch (Michigan)

4, NationalDataArchiveonChildAbuseandNeglect

NationalDataArchiveonChildAbuseandNeglect Founded in 1988 by the School of Human Ecology of Cornell University, USA, it is a resource library for promoting academic exchanges between researchers in the field of child abuse.

IPSR was founded in 1962 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA. It is known for its large collection of systematic social science data and is the largest social science data center in the world.

5, DataInformationServiceCenter

DataInformationServiceCenter was founded by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It provides quantitative and numerical data for researchers and students conducting secondary analysis in the social sciences. For users who are not familiar with statistical software, it has a range of software products based on menu interfaces.

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