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What is seaweed iodized salt?

Iodized salt refers to sodium chloride table salt with potassium iodate and potassium iodide as iodine nutrient enhancers, while seaweed iodized salt is added with seaweed iodine, which is easily absorbed by the human body. Organic iodine can be decomposed in the body, releasing iodine for the needs of the thyroid gland, and can also form fat or protein to store excess iodine for use when needed. Among many seaweed iodized salts, seaweed iodized salt on snowy days, raw salt from wells and mines, natural rock salt derived from hundreds of thousands of years underground as raw materials, supplemented by the international advanced modern vacuum salt making process.

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How to use Marujiu seaweed powder?

Marujiu Seaweed Powder, as a high-quality pet nutritional supplement, is commonly used to provide additional nutritional and health benefits to pets. Before using Marujiu Seaweed Powder, it is recommended to read the product manual and use it according to the recommended dosage. The following is the general method of use:

1. Know your pet’s weight: Determine the appropriate dosage according to your pet’s weight. Usually, the dosage will list the corresponding recommended amount according to your pet’s weight.

2. Prepare food: Prepare your pet’s regular food, e.g. dog food, cat food, etc.

3. Add seaweed powder: Add Marujiu Seaweed Powder to your pet’s food according to the recommended dosage in the instructions. Make sure that the powder is evenly mixed in the food so that the pet can consume the seaweed powder evenly when eating.

4. Stir well: Stir the food added with seaweed powder evenly to ensure that the seaweed powder is well mixed with the food.

5. For pets to eat: Provide the mixed food to the pet, and make sure that the pet eats it in a short time to avoid food deterioration.

6. Observe the pet’s reaction: Observe the pet’s reaction after using seaweed powder, such as appetite, mental state, etc. If you find that the pet has an uncomfortable reaction, please stop using it and consult the veterinarian.

7. Storage: Store unused Marujiu Seaweed Powder in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Please note that before using any pet nutritional supplement, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian to ensure the health of the pet. At the same time, follow the correct method of use and dosage to ensure the best nutritional supplement effect for pets.

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