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What is Schwarzenegger doing now?

Not sure. Because Schwarzenegger is a public figure, he often appears in the media, but his exact whereabouts are not public. He may be at home, in the office, at the gym, at political meetings, at charity events, etc. Therefore, we cannot answer exactly what he is doing now. Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American who has served as governor of California, actor, fitness instructor, etc. He has been dedicated to the promotion of fitness and environmental protection, and has also been involved in some political activities. As a successful person, he is a good role model and inspires people to keep moving forward.

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2023 snooker schedule?

2022-2023 Snooker Schedule

May 16-June 5, QSchool (Professional Trials), Punzer Forge Sports Centre, Sheffield

June 1-15, QSchool (Asia/Pacific), Bangkok, Thailand

June 28-July 1, Champions League 1, Leicester

July 4-7, Champions League 2, Leicester

July 11-14, Champions League 3, Leicester

July 15-17, European Masters Qualifying, Leicester

July 18-21, Champions League 4, Leicester

July 22-24, European Masters Qualifying, Leicester

July 25-29, Champions League 5, Leicester

August 9-14, British Open Qualifying, TBD

August 16-21, European Masters, Fürth, Germany

August 23-28, Northern Ireland Open Qualifying, TBD

September 5 – 10th, 6 Red Ball World Championships, Bangkok, Thailand

September 12-18, TBD Invitational, TBD

September 26-October 2, British Open, Milton Keynes Marshall Arena

October 4-9, Scottish Open Qualifying, TBD

October 16-23, Northern Ireland Open, Belfast Waterfront Hall

October 25-30, England Open Qualifying, TBD

October 31-November 6, Crown-to-Crown Invitational, TBD

November 12-20, British Championships, York Barbican Centre

November 21-26, German Masters Qualifying, TBD

November 28-December 4, Scottish Open, TBD

December 6-9, Champions League 1, TBD

December 12-18, England Open, Brentwood

December 19-22, Champions League 2

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