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What is otc cosmetics?

otc cosmetics: representatives are medical and pharmaceutical professionals who have received special education in medicine and pharmacy, have certain clinical theoretical knowledge and practical experience, and have been trained in marketing knowledge and promotion skills. Marketing promoters who are engaged in drug promotion and publicity work.

best otc skin care routine

OTC is the logo of over-the-counter drugs and the abbreviation of OverTheCounter. The characteristics of OTC drugs are safe, effective, convenient and economical. Before otc drugs are put on the market, they have been clinically tested for many years and have been widely recognized by consumers.

How to use the Mansoreton cleansing milk correctly?

1. Wet your face with water, then take an appropriate amount of cleansing milk and rub it in the palm of your hand to lather, apply it to your face and clean it repeatedly, and then wash off the foam with water.

2. The Mantholatum Company was founded in the United States in 1889. The founder, Mr. Hill, successfully created the Mantholatum Mint Balm, which quickly became a household name and a must-have medicine. More than a hundred years later, (Mentholatum) not only produced mint balm, but also manufactured skin care products such as lip balm, as well as OTC medicines such as eye drops and friction balms, which sold well in more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

3. The advantages of cleansing milk: the combination of ice and charcoal brings the ultimate cleansing experience. Extreme ice refreshing: injected with natural mint, instantly wake up the skin, freezing spirit; Extreme charcoal clean: dense micron-level magnetic live charcoal can penetrate pores, absorb oil and dirt, and radiate a fresh look.

The difference between Chinese medicine and Chinese makeup?

Sinopharm refers to a pharmacy, and Guozhuang refers to cosmetics. These are two completely different concepts. The pharmacy is where we use to buy medicine. For example, if we have a cold, we can go to the pharmacy to buy cold medicine. Cosmetics are the products we use for beauty and makeup, such as foundation cream, gel water, eye cream, BB cream, etc. These are the products we can use for makeup.

Is Hengquan skin care products easy to use?

Hengquan has always adhered to a differentiated brand marketing strategy. Its own brand “Didou” has become the OTC sales champion for 17 years, creating an unprecedented miracle in the field of acne removal. However, Hengquan people are not satisfied with the achievements they have made. After years of exploration and clinical experiments, Hengquan Group has broken through the drying process technology of traditional Chinese herbal skin care products and developed safe and efficient herbal skin care products specially designed for Chinese women’s skin. The brand has undergone a gorgeous transformation, from a single acne-removing and skin-strengthening product to a comprehensive extension to the field of functional skin care

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