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What is McCarthyism?


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Joseph McCarthy was born on November 14, 1908, to a family of small Irish farmers in northern Wisconsin. In 1939, McCarthy falsely declared his age to run for the 7th District of Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge, becoming the “youngest judge” in the history of the district. From then on, McCarthy began a political career full of deception and lies. Some people said of McCarthy: “Unparalleled boldness and clever lying in some aspects make his approach very different from the usual inversion of black and white.”

In 1946, McCarthy, who had retired from the military, ran for the Senate. McCarthy, who had never been on the battlefield, declared to the public that he had been “honorably wounded” several times, removed “ten pounds of shrapnel” from his leg, and was elected to the Wisconsin Senate in November of that year. During his first four years in the Senate, his reputation plummeted due to disorderly behavior and speculative trading in soybean futures, gambling and alcoholism. It is often said that “Senator McCarthy often has a bottle of whiskey in his briefcase” and that his “a large number of facts and unverifiable figures of a different nature have confused the Senate and the United States as a whole.” Especially in the fall of 1949, McCarthy caused an uproar by defending the Nazis who massacred American soldiers. Therefore, in this year’s polls, McCarthy was named the “worst senator” of the year. At this time, he desperately needed a lifeline to help him keep his seat in Congress.

On the anniversary of the birth of Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States in 1950, McCarthy decided to “shoot the shell at the State Department” on this day. Arranged by the Republican National Committee, he flew from Washington to Wheeling, West Virginia, to give a speech titled “Communists in the State Department” at the Republican Women’s Club in Ohio County, claiming that he had “a list of 205 people” in his hands, “all of whom were members of the Communist Party and spy networks.” The Secretary of State knew that these people on the list were Communists, but these people are still drafting and formulating State Department policy to this day. “McCarthy’s speech was like a bolt from the blue, causing an uproar in the United States. McCarthy, who had been walking on thin ice, became a political star that shocked the country overnight. After Wheeling’s speech, McCarthy flew to Salt Lake City, Utah, and Reno, Nevada, to repeat his speech at Wheeling. Slightly different, McCarthy was still waving a small piece of paper in his hand, which was the so-called” spy list “. However, according to him at this time, the number of people on the list was 57.

Soon, a triumphant McCarthy made a special call to President Truman and Secretary of State Acheson, asking them to make a public statement about his speech. After receiving the telegram, Truman became angry and wrote back: “I am sure that the people of Wisconsin are extremely sorry that their representative is an irresponsible person like you.” However, after writing the letter, Truman did not send it out, but put it on “file”. He also instructed Prifoy, the deputy secretary of state, to call McCarthy and ask him to “publish the list.” The happy McCarthy ignored Truman’s inquiry, and set off another wave of so-called “wave of exposing and clearing up the activities of the Communist Party in the US government” in the Senate.

1. McCarthyism refers to the anti-communist and far-right representative of the United States caused by US Senator McCarthy from 1950 to 1954. It maliciously slandered and wantonly persecuted suspected Communist and democratic progressives, and even all those with different political opinions.

2. In the five years before and after McCarthyism began to spread in early 1950 and went bankrupt at the end of 1954, its influence spread to all aspects of American political, diplomatic and social life. McCarthyism, as a proper term, has also become synonymous with political persecution. From the late 1940s to the early 1950s, an anti-communist and xenophobic movement represented by “McCarthyism” was launched, involving all aspects of American politics, education and culture, and its influence is still visible today.

3. The coffin of McCarthy by American right-wing groups is: “Great brave soul, great patriot (Agreatcourageoussoul, agreatAmericanpatriot).”.

McCarthyism was a nationwide anti-communist “crusade” in the United States instigated by US Senator Joseph McCarthy in the early 1950s. During his tenure as a senator, he hyped up the Communist Party’s intrusion into the government and public opinion, prompting the establishment of the “Non-American Commission of Inquiry”, inciting people to expose each other in the literary and artistic circles and government departments. Many famous people were persecuted and suspected; McCarthyism not only persecuted and forced out outstanding people, but also seriously affected the image of democracy and freedom in the United States. Due to its serious impact on media organizations, McCarthyism has long been used by communist countries such as the Soviet Union as a fact to counter US propaganda against the Soviet Union. The period when McCarthyism prevailed was the darkest period in American history.

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