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What is Goryeo Burial? What is the specific form?

Goryeo Burial

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In Korea during the Goryeo period (918-1392 AD), when parents were old, if they were relatively sick, their children would use a rattan chair (JIGAI) to carry the old man up the mountain, abandon him, and bury him after the old man fends for himself.

Historical allusions

There is also a touching story of filial piety in the abolition of this inhumane custom. It is said that there was an old mother who was carried up the mountain by her son when she cried. The son walked to the high forest and left his mother and walked back, but got lost. He turned around and walked to the place where his mother was abandoned. His mother asked him what he was asking and he came back, and he said he was lost. His mother told her son that she had long thought that his son would inevitably get lost in the mountains and forests. On the way here, she cried and sprinkled pine branches as a sign. He asked his son to follow the signs on the road home, and the son was moved. He resolutely carried his mother and went home together. But the matter was not dare to be made public, and the mother was secretly hidden to live. Until one day, the emperor of China (presumed to be Zhu Yuanzhang) gave the king a problem, how to twist the ashes into straw ropes. Neither the king nor the ministers could do it, so they mobilized the people of the whole country to find a solution. The son of the old mother told the king that he would twist the rice into straw ropes, and then put them away and burn them, as long as the ashes were still in the shape of straw ropes. Goryeo Wang thought it was a high point, so he asked how to come up with it. The son hesitated and hesitated, and finally told the situation that he was hiding his mother, and said that the method was created by his mother. Goryeo Wang was very moved and felt the wisdom of the old man, so he ordered the abolition of “Goryeo burial”.

Tales of filial piety

In June 2012, another story of a eldest filial son appeared in South Korea. Li Junyi, 41, carried his 92-year-old father on his back to Mount Kumgang in North Korea, fulfilling his father’s dream of climbing Mount Kumgang. The rattan chair weighs 15 kilograms, and the father weighs 43 kilograms. The filial piety of the Li family can be weighed in terms of weight. Later, the Li family climbed Mount Tai on his old father’s back, which attracted many Chinese heartfelt praise and was also reported by Shandong TV.

This son with the style of the ancients is indeed a filial son who is admired by others. And most of us, despite the filial piety that lies in our hearts, still lack some enthusiasm in our performance. Although filial piety does not have to be rigid in form, we still have to pay attention to the Li family.

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