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What is BMI, what is its meaning, where it originated, and specifically introduce its………

BMI is an indicator about human fat, originated in the United Kingdom, the calculation method is weight kilograms divided by the square of height, the ideal value is 19.5 to 24. 9

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Which country’s unit is the pound?

The pound is an imperial unit of weight, mainly used in the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries.

As a unit of weight, the pound is widely used in daily life and business activities, especially in measuring weight, food, goods, etc.

Internationally, the pound is also widely recognized and used, but with the advancement of international standards, the kilogram (kg) has gradually become a more common unit of weight.

What is a catty?

A catty is also called a pound.

A simple definition of a catty of pounds and catties. The pound is a unit of weight in the imperial system of measurement. Its conversion symbol is “lb”, which is equal to 0.45359237 kilograms. The pound and catty is the unit of weight commonly used in many Asian countries. The simple symbol of its catty is “catty”, which is equal to 0.5kg. Conversion

2. The pound conversion of pounds and catties

Since pounds and catties do not belong to the same system, it is more troublesome to convert how much is equal between them. The following is a simple conversion formula for pounds and catties of catties:

1 pound = 0. 45359237 kg

1 kg = 2. 20462262 pounds

0.5 kg = 0. 5 kg

According to the above conversion formula, any of the following conversion methods can be obtained:

1 pound = 0. 45359237 ÷ 0. 5 = 0. 45359236 kg

0.5 kg = 0. 5 ÷ 0. 45359237 = 1. 10231131 pounds

Therefore, one pound is equal to 0. 45359236 kilograms, while one catty is equal to 1. 10231131 pounds.

3. The use of pounds and catties

The pound is mainly used in the United Kingdom and other countries that use the imperial unit of measure, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. It is usually used to measure items with small weight, such as food, medicine, jewelry, etc.

The catty is mainly used in Asian countries, such as China, Japan, Korea, etc. It is usually used to measure items with large weight, such as grain, vegetables, fruits, etc.

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