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What is applehealth?

The applehealth app can record user data, connect with data from various hospitals, and realize the function of a health management platform. However, in China, the implementation of this function will take time; in the resource is the place to connect wearable devices. Through Apple’s HealthKitAPI, the “health” app can also synchronize the relevant data of the third-party app, including activity, sleep, weight, fat content, blood pressure, nutrient content and body temperature data.

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bmi score division?

bmi value (full name in English: BodyMassIndex, Chinese: body mass index), is a calculated value, mainly for statistical purposes.

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BMI Value Basis

Body mass index (also known as body mass index, English as BodyMassIndex, abbreviated BMI) is a calculated value, mainly for statistical purposes. When we need to compare and analyze the health effects of a person’s weight on people of different heights, BMI value is a neutral and reliable indicator. BMI index is – using height and weight to calculate whether it is normal, overweight and obese.

The concept of “body mass index” was first proposed by the Belgian generalist Kettler in the mid-19th century. It is defined as follows:

BMI = w ÷ h 2

w = weight, in kilograms;

h = height, in meters;

Body fat health index (BMI)

Calculation method

is the number of kilograms of body weight divided by the square of height (in meters), the formula is: body mass index (BMI) = weight (kilograms)/height (meters) 2, for example, a person’s height is 1.75 meters, the weight is 68 kilograms, his BMI = 68/(1.75) 2 = 22.2 (kg/m2. When this index is 18.5~ 24. 9 o’clock is normal.

Special attention! BMI is not suitable for everyone, if you are: 1. Under 18 years old; 2. Athlete; 3. Doing weight training; 4. Pregnant or breastfeeding; 5. Weak or sedentary elderly, then the BMI index does not apply to you. If you think the BMI calculation is incorrect, please discuss it with your doctor with the results and ask for a body fat test.

Statistical significance

BMI value was originally designed as a statistical tool for public health research. When we need to know whether obesity is the cause of a disease, we can convert the patient’s height and weight into BMI values, and then find out whether the value and the incidence rate are linearly related. However, with the advancement of technology, the current BMI value is only a reference value. To truly measure whether a patient is obese, it is also necessary to use micro-electrical forces to measure the patient’s impedance to infer the patient’s fat thickness. Therefore, the role of BMI has gradually changed, from medical use to a slimming indicator for the general public.


The significance of the value is as follows:

Health BMI value

Female male

General weight 18.5 to 24. Between 9

Ideal weight 22 to 24

Overweight 25 to 29. Between 9

Extremely overweight 30 to 39. Between 9

Severely overweight 40

Since BMI does not take into account a person’s fat percentage, a person with an overweight BMI may not actually be obese. For example, a person who practices fitness will have a BMI over 30 due to their heavy proportion of muscle. If their body fat percentage is low, they don’t need to lose weight.

According to statistics from the 1994 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 59% of American men and 49% of American women have a BMI above 25. For those who are extremely overweight – with a BMI above 40, 2% of men and 4% of women. Health agencies in other countries also have their own statistics, but generally use US statistics as a reference indicator.

Adult BMI

Light weight: BMI

Healthy weight: 18. 5

Overweight: 24

Obesity: 28

The ideal BMI is 22

BMI values for children

BMI values are not limited to adults. For growing children, we can also use their BMI values to calculate whether they are overweight. The above BMI formula is also applicable to people aged 2-20, but their overweight and underweight indicators are not determined by a fixed BMI value. This is because children in different regions have different growth rates, and if a fixed value is used, it is easy to make wrong judgments.

Many countries and regions make statistics on the height and weight of local children every year. These statistics can be converted into BMI values, and then the distribution of BMI values of local children can be calculated. According to this distribution, the local health government can calculate the local children’s overweight and underweight indicators. Generally speaking, the statistical average BMI value and its standard deviation will be used to calculate the highest 5% and lowest 5% of its normal distribution as overweight and underweight indicators. On the other hand, children whose BMI value is in the 85% -95% range of the normal distribution are at risk of being overweight.


BodyMassIndex (BMI) isanumbercalculatedfromaperson ‘sweightandheight. BMIprovidesareliableindicatorofbodyfatnessformostpeopleandisusedtoscreenforweightcategoriesthatmayleadtohealthproblems.

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