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What is a lifestyle?

The World Health Organization’s “Victoria Declaration” proposes several good lifestyle standards, namely, a reasonable diet, moderate exercise, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol, and psychological balance. A reasonable diet does not mean dieting, nor is it necessary to count calorie (calories) clearly in everything you eat, but eat a little of everything, not much of anything, and control your weight within the standard range. Moderate exercise. Relatively speaking, exercise is more important than diet. This is because 30% of the cholesterol in the human body comes from food, and 70% comes from the body’s own synthesis, which means whether the cholesterol is high or not. Diet is not a decisive role. Only through exercise can excess cholesterol be consumed. Quit smoking and limit alcohol. This shows that smoking and alcohol have different “treatment”. The last point is psychological balance, which is the most important point among the four points. Those centenarians do not live long because they do not have high blood lipids or high blood pressure. The most important reason for their longevity is that they have a happy heart and a balanced heart! In addition, lifestyle is the pattern that people show about their own activities, interests and opinions. Everyone has their own way of life that they identify with and yearn for. Some people like freedom and freedom, some people like luxury and dignity, some people like challenges and adventures, and some people like tranquility and ease… No matter what kind of lifestyle, it is a valuable experience in people’s personalized life process. ” The word “lifestyle” can be understood differently by different people, and it can also be called “life state”, or even “life preference”, “life habit”, etc. People’s life can be divided into two aspects. Material life is the foundation and the most fundamental living condition for people to exist in society. Although material life has its own different levels for everyone, it is only after material life reaches a certain level that it is possible to upgrade to another level of life, that is, spiritual life. As people’s living standards improve, consumers pay more and more attention to spiritual enjoyment. Of course, spiritual life includes emotional life, cultural life and other fields, which is also the meaning of people’s life. The speed of social development is constantly improving, and the competition in all aspects is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, the pace of modern people’s life is becoming faster and faster. It seems that if you walk a little slower, some things will slip away quietly by your side. In such a large environment, people’s hearts are under great pressure, their bodies are tired, their hearts are tense, and they are in a sub-health state for a long time. Over time, they will become sick from overwork. How can they get rid of the sub-health state? Try to form a regular life, eat regularly and quantitatively, get enough sleep, stay up late less, and it is best not to stay up late. Eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins. In addition, emotions are also one of the reasons. Maintaining a good state of mind and mood is also one of the important ways to regulate the sub-health state. In short, only by mastering good laws of life can they help to consolidate the foundation of life and live Pay attention to the laws of life, which is the natural law of human adaptation to nature and the unity of nature and man. For the elderly, it is more important to maintain the laws of life and set the biological clock. According to online surveys, the secret to the longevity of most centenarians is that life is very regular, and only a few elderly people go with the flow of their daily lives. Get up, stool, eat, drink, exercise, take lunch breaks, exercise, sleep, and schedule regularly to form a conditioned reflex, which is incalculable for achieving health and longevity. The world-renowned Professor Kant famously said: “If a person shows disorderly life, no order and temperance, he cannot have abundant energy and physical strength.” The best time for life details is:? Stool: The best time to get up in the morning? Open the window for ventilation: 9-11 o’clock and 14-16 o’clock, the temperature rises and the countercurrent phenomenon disappears, which is conducive to the entry of fresh air.? Exercise: 15-16 o’clock is the best or evening? Bathing: Before going to bed? Weight loss: 45 minutes after meals, walk for 20 minutes in a row, about 1600 meters, it is better to repeat once.? Brush your teeth: Within three minutes after eating, oral bacteria begin to decompose the acidic substances in the interdental residue 3 minutes after meals, which is easy to corrode and dissolve tooth enamel.? Sleep: around 22 o’clock is the best.? Skin care: before going to bed.? Drink tea: 1 hour after meals, just after eating tea, the ingredients contained in tea leaves hinder the absorption of iron.? Drink milk: half an hour before going to bed? Eat fruit: 1 hour before meals? Eat cake dessert: 10 am? Learning: Getting up in the morning works best. Of course, the above is just the best rule given by an expert, and it needs to be changed according to the different living conditions of each person. For example, people who work night shifts for a long time, such as healthcare workers, night shift editors, taxi drivers, etc., maintain the habit of sleeping during the day all year round. As long as they meet the 7-hour sleep requirement, they can also form their own normal life rhythm. All physiological activities of human beings have periodic rhythms, which we call the biological clock. All healthy and long-lived organisms must maintain balance with the environment and the laws of life. If you can arrange your work and rest according to this biological clock of the human body, so that the rhythm of life conforms to the physiological and natural laws of the human body, you can maintain abundant energy, not easy to get sick, and people appear younger and more energetic. Chinese medicine says that “spring is born, summer is long, autumn is harvested and winter is hidden”, which means that all things, including people, should conform to this natural law. In spring, the hair is heavy, so you should go out more activities; in summer, the sunshine time is the longest, so you can work more time; in autumn, there is a chilling aura, so you should add clothes appropriately; in winter, when everything withers, people should wear more clothes and do less strenuous exercise outside to maintain their essence. Chinese medicine says that yin and yang “the sky is yang, and the earth is yin; men are yang, and women are yin; day is yang, and night is yin.” Nowadays, many young people choose to work and stay up late at night regardless of day and night, and sleep late during the day, which violates the physiological laws of people and is harmful to their health. Taoists say that “the law of man, the law of earth, the law of heaven, the law of heaven, and the law of Tao and nature” refers to the corresponding laws of nature, and the human body should also have corresponding changes. Get up when it is time to get up, work when it is time to work, eat when it is time to eat, and sleep when it is time to sleep. Maintain a regular life order, so that the body and mind can reach an optimal state. Give full play to personal intelligence and intelligence in order to make greater achievements. There are 7 other good lifestyles for reference: 1. Eat at home. When eating at a restaurant, people usually eat much more. To limit the number of times you eat out, if you have to eat outside, you have to be extra careful about the portion size. You don’t have to force yourself to finish eating, you can pack it home. 2. Snacks should also be healthy. The best snacks include fruit, whole grains, and milk products. Fresh fruit, yogurt, and graham crackers are all good choices. 3. Start the day with a good breakfast. High-fiber cereals are your best choices, such as cereal or oatmeal. In addition, choose some unprocessed whole grains, which will be more nutritious. 4. Take a 10-minute walk after lunch, or get up early in the morning to complete this walking task. 5. Plan your recipes for the week. Make a list and write down the things you want to buy, so as to reduce the chance of impulse shopping. 6. Do other things to distract yourself when you are greedy. Talk to friends on the phone, listen to music, dance, clean, take care of the yard or go out to do other things. When your energy is taken up by other things, you will not be greedy. 7. Reward yourself. You need to know what an achievement it is to successfully lose weight and stay in shape. Therefore, you can reward yourself with a new dress and a trip.

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