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What is a comprehensive scoring method?

The scoring method is a basic bid evaluation method that is currently used more in government procurement.

multi-weighted scoring models in project management

Scoring Criteria

1. Bid evaluation method:

1. This invite tenders evaluation is a comprehensive scoring method, that is, under the premise of meeting the substantive requirements of the invite tenders document, according to the scoring standards and various factors stipulated in the invite tenders document After a comprehensive review, the bidder with the highest total score in the evaluation will be used as the candidate to win the bidding for the corresponding bid.

2. Each member of the bid evaluation committee independently evaluates and evaluates the technical part of each valid bidder who enters the scoring process in the form of a score (the calculation results are rounded to the nearest two decimal places).

Statistical summary of the judges’ scores (except price points). If the number of judges is less than 5 (including 5), the arithmetic average score will be calculated directly; if the number of judges is more than 5, the arithmetic average score will be calculated after removing one of the highest and one of the lowest scores.

3. If there are two or more bidders with the highest total score in a bid evaluation, the one with the lower bid price will be given priority as the candidate to win the bidding. If the bid price is also the same, the notary agency will organize a lottery to determine the candidate to win the bidding.

2. Price: (price weight 30 points)

The bid price that enters the bid evaluation process, meets the requirements of the invite tenders documents and has the lowest bid price is the bid evaluation benchmark price (must not exceed the procurement budget price), and the price is divided into 30 points. The price points of other bidders are uniformly calculated according to the following formula:

Bid quotation score = (bid evaluation benchmark price/bid quotation) X price weight X100 (price weight is 30%)

3. Product and material quality (42 points)

1. Brand of main materials (at least including plates, hardware, paint, etc.); scored by the judges within 4 to 10 points

2. Test reports of products and main raw materials, steel plates, powders, etc. (must be within a valid period): 1 point for each item, up to 6 points;

3. Advanced comparison of production level (production, manufacturing process, Detection methods, etc.) 4 points

4. Sample 20 points, mainly from the appearance, materials, craftsmanship and other aspects to be evaluated by the judges within 2 to 20 points;

5. Supply and delivery period: 2 points for meeting the invitation tenders documents;

4. Company comprehensive evaluation (18 points):

1. Company reputation comparison (9 points)

(1) National registered trademark certificate of the bidding product brand (2 points)

(2) Annual financial audit report certified by a third-party accounting firm (1 copy 1 point, 2 copies 2 points) Highest 2 points

(3) Standard-setting enterprises in the steel products industry (1 point)

(4) Famous brand enterprises at or above the prefecture level (including prefecture-level cities) (1 point)

(5) Famous furniture enterprises at or above the provincial level (including provincial level) (1 point)

(6) Proof of paying three gold for employees (1 point), enterprise engineer certificate (more than three people) (1 point) Maximum 2 points

2, sales performance comparison (7 points)

(1) Since 2005, bidders have completed a project with a contract amount ≥ 1 million independently, with a maximum of 1 point and a maximum of 4 points; ( The original of the sales contract must be provided in the bid, otherwise it will not be scored)

(2) The annual sales of dense rack products issued by the audit department at or above the municipal level (including the prefecture-level city) from 2005 to the present 20 million the above certificate (2 points)

(3) Standardization and completeness comparison of the bid documents (1 point) (If the cover of the bid document does not indicate the positive and copy, 0 will be deducted. 5 points)

3. The registered capital of the bidder is ≥ 5 million RMB (2 points)

5. After-sales services (maximum score of 10 points):

1. Completeness of service system, comparison of technical strength (1 point)

2. Quality assurance period 2 points; ≥ 5 years, 2 points; ≥ 3 years, 1 point, others do not score. ( 2 points)

3. Installation plan, introduction of maintenance team (2 points)

4. Maintenance response time and commitment to complete maintenance time (2 points for those with the shortest time and guaranteed, and the rest will be deducted accordingly) 2 points

5. Preferential terms (maximum score of 3 points)

Compare whether there are other preferential conditions and technical advantages. If so, the judges will score at their discretion.

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