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What food only satiety will not gain weight?

The first is corn, which contains a lot of dietary fiber and is not easily digested by the gastrointestinal tract, so usually after eating only corn, there will be a strong sense of satiety, and the calorie value contained in corn is very low, eating corn is not easy to cause obesity.

satiety weight management

The second food is cereal, which is a coarse grain. Eating cereal is the same as eating corn, and it is easy to produce satiety, and the calorie of cereal is also very low, which is not easy to cause obesity.

How to increase satiety?

1. Drink water. To get your stomach to produce a hormone that makes it aware of “Oh, I’m eating”, you need to drink one or two glasses of water before eating. Then, when eating food, your stomach will tell you early that you are full. From a data standpoint, water definitely contains zero calorie. Win! In fact, drinking more water can speed up the weight loss process. Studies have shown that water (two glasses of cold water) can increase metabolism by up to 30% an hour after eating. If you do this regularly, you can lose nearly 2.5 kilograms per year just by drinking water. [1] Drink water during meals as well. This will increase the level of satiety and you will finish eating earlier. Not to mention that drinking water is good for your hair, nails and skin!

How to create a feeling of fullness

2. Eat a piece of fruit or vegetable. A glass of water doesn’t achieve the desired effect? Then choose fruits or vegetables that are mostly water! Apples or any green or orange vegetable are generally fine. Their texture and extra charm (at least compared to monotonous water) will suppress your appetite without generating too many calories. [2] If snacking is good for you, eat a little! Nice crunch is very satisfying. Apples are better than applesauce and apple juice. So if you’re going to chew something, choose the ones you have to actually chew (like carrots). But research shows that grapefruit can also suppress appetite. [ 3]

How to create a feeling of fullness

3. Protein. Because protein can tell the brain that it is full on the surface. What happens when you eat two doughnuts for breakfast? After an hour, your brain will wonder where the real food (protein-containing food) is. Although fat can satisfy desires, protein can keep you from feeling hungry for longer than carbohydrates and fats. Eggs, beans, nuts, and fish are good sources of protein. If you are going to eat them, make sure the nuts in your hand are the kind that are not sugar-coated, otherwise eating them is equivalent to eating a can of sugar! [4] Eating protein for breakfast can make you eat less throughout the day. You may skip breakfast to reduce calories, but your body will unconsciously eat more at a later time. Multiple studies have shown that people who eat breakfast weigh significantly less. [5]

How to feel full

4. Choose fiber. Dietary fiber is also a good thing to make you feel full before finding something to eat. Fiber is only 1.5 to 2.5 calorie per gram (relative to 4 and 9 calorie for sugar and fat). Also, most foods rich in dietary fiber need to be chewed, which slows down the peristalsis of food in the digestive tract. [6] Fiber-rich foods do not raise insulin levels, so you don’t drool late at night thinking about ice cream sundaes. Eat more beans, whole grains, oats, fruits and vegetables with the skin on, because eating just 6 grams more fiber will make you feel like you’ve burned 260 calorie. [2]

How to feel full

5. Eat some fat. Yes, you probably don’t want to hear the phrase “eat fat to feel full”. Although this is not the topic we are going to talk about, fat is indeed something we need to mention here. You need good fat to feel full – otherwise you will be craving food all the way until next Tuesday. So instead of ordering donuts for colleagues at the bakery, eat some good fat and the day is over. What is good fat, you ask? Avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil are good choices for good fats. Olive oil is not your excuse to eat a long loaf of bread, but it (and all of that) is designed to keep you from eating and is a great substitute for inducing satiety.

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