Weight management

What font is on the weight electronic scale?

Generally, the product name is set to 22 font, and the product name alignment method can generally be printed by selecting “Center”. The product name of a product supports up to 14 Chinese characters. Under normal circumstances, the 40x60mm label paper setting 22 font can print out all the product names of a product. The printed content has nothing to do with whether the label type is weighted or counted. The font size of the Chinese character of the Toledo electronic scale is No. 21 to No. 29, and it does not become larger with the font size. Therefore, if the No. 22 font cannot be printed, you can consider choosing No. 28 font in the “Universal Label Format” (for aesthetics, it is recommended that the font size of the product name for weighing and counting be set to the same, such as both 28 font). Other “advertising term numbers” and “additional information font sizes” can choose No. 21 font

documentation for weight management coding

What is the mother and child health manual number?

The number on the child health care manual is the code number used by the hospital that handles the manual for record inquiry. It is equivalent to the number of the child’s health record file. It is conducive to the long-term health examination of children. A number corresponds to a health care manual, which is still very useful for newborns. Therefore, the neonatal health care book must be handled, and the information must be perfected.

What does the 90th height table mean?

1. Numbers within the standard value range: For example, 3rd is low within the standard, and 90th is high within the standard. The grade after the standard. For example, adults describe: thin, normal, overweight, meaning.,

2. To evaluate whether a child’s height meets the standard, it is usually to compare the child’s height with the average height of healthy children of the same age and gender. Short stature: The normal height is less than minus 2 standard deviations, or less than the third percentile.?

3. The normal height data standard here is calculated by statistical methods from a large number of representative physical measurements of healthy children. The child’s height ranked 25th to 75th is medium, 25th to 3rd is medium and lower, and 3rd is lower, and short.

4. The causes of short stature are complex and related to genetic, metabolic, endocrine, bone growth, nutrition and long-term chronic diseases as well as social environment, mental, psychological and other factors. A detailed medical history and comprehensive physical examination should be asked, a reasonable choice of laboratory and special examination should be carried out, and a comprehensive analysis should be made to make a diagnosis.

5. There are many causes of short stature. According to the relationship with the endocrine system, it can be divided into short stature caused by non-endocrine abnormalities and short stature caused by endocrine abnormalities.

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