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What essential oil is good for skin care?

Rose essential oil It is called the queen of essential oils, it has an obvious skin care effect on our skin, can make our skin white and tender, this is its beauty and beauty effect,

skin care routine essential oil

Second, it can also adjust women’s endocrine, nourish the uterus, relieve dysmenorrhea, improve frigidity, or some symptoms of menopausal discomfort, so it is a more natural health care product for women, this rose essential oil, it is widely used in beauty and beauty, food tobacco, perfume and cosmetics among a fragrance, with this it has the effect of preventing infectious diseases,

It can also treat some skin diseases, regulate endocrine, its natural aroma, after olfactory nerves, enter the human body, make people feel spiritual Comfortable, pleasant, relieving anxiety, depression, relieving stress, promoting sleep, etc., so rose essential oil, which has many health care effects, is widely used in this treatment of our health care, or in sub-health treatment

What essential oil is the most effective for skin care?

Rose essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, etc.

How to use skin care essential oil best?

1. How to use facial essential oil for good effect

1. Use essential oil alone

First drop the essential oil in the palm of your hand, and then apply it evenly to the face. First use the chin as a starting point, then gradually pull it up and gently pat the face until the face is ruddy to stop. Then start from the forehead and gently massage from top to bottom, which also helps to smooth the wrinkles on the face.

2. Use with skin care products

Integrate essential oils into skin care products that are often used at ordinary times, such as cleansing milk, facial mask, massage cream, water milk, etc., drop 1-5 drops each time, which can also effectively achieve the effect of maintaining facial skin.

3. Use essential oil to remove makeup

In addition to having a very good skin care effect, in fact, essential oils also have a very good makeup remover effect. First drop an appropriate amount of essential oil on a cotton pad, then directly use the cotton pad to clean the face, and then use water to clean the face. Because the essential oil can dissolve in water and become white and creamy, it can deeply remove pore dirt, makeup and oil.

4. Use the essential oil for a hot compress

First, twist the towel to a semi-dry state without dripping, and then drop a few drops of essential oil on the towel, which will help to deeply cleanse the skin, soften the exfoliation and converge the pores, and also help to change the skin tone. If you apply a hot compress after massaging the face, the effect will be more obvious.

2. Introduction to the correct order of use of facial essential oils and skin care products

1. The order of use of essential oils and skin care products during the day

Although the molecules of essential oils are very small and easily absorbed by the skin, you must also massage with the help of base oils. However, few people in life have such time to massage, so you may wish to put the massage of essential oils on the Internet, and the good time for skin absorption and cell renewal is at night. After cleaning your face, you can slowly massage your face, and then you can go to bed directly.

The correct order of use should be to clean the face, then pat the toner, then apply the essential oil, and then the cream.

2. Order of use of essential oils and skin care products at night

When using essential oils at night, you don’t need to worry about the bad effects of the sun, but after using essential oils, it is recommended that you do not face the TV screen or computer screen for a long time, because oily things can easily absorb light. If you do this for a long time, it is easy to cause the skin to darken.

It is recommended to clean the face at night, then use toner, then use essential oil to massage the face, and then apply a thin layer of cream. If you use lotion, then use lotion after toner, and then massage your face with essential oil.

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