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What does wfh mean?

wfh is working from home. It is the abbreviation of workfromhome in English. The standard definition refers to the employment of an employer, but the employee uses his own home as the workplace, and realizes the remote collaboration work mode through the necessary network, mobile phone, computer and other tools.

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The advantages of wfh are obvious. Working from home is a completely different feeling from the clock in the office. Specifically, it is manifested in:

For employees who spend a few hours commuting every day and are stuck on the road, wfh is simply a blessing. They no longer have to worry about not being able to squeeze into the subway, and they no longer have to worry about missing the first public bus.

For white-collar elites, there is no need to copy what to wear every day, or wear a uniform every day. Especially for girls, there is no need to think about dress matching and makeup. Instead, you may still be wearing pajamas when you wake up, and start your daily work with a cup of coffee.

What does mon mean?


abbr. Monday; Engine Octane Number

n. ( Mon) name; (German, Cambodia) Meng; (South East Asia countries Chinese) hope; (Japanese) door (last name)

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Example sentences:

Oncecompleted, installipvsadm, Heartbeat, andmonfromthenativepackagemanagementtoolsontheserver.

After completion, install ipvsadm, Heartbeat, and mon from the local package management tool on the server

keepfromdoing What does it mean?

keepfromdoing to prevent (do something) keepfrom [English] [ki: pfr <m] [US] [kipfr <m] conceal; prevent; avoid; hold back; Example sentences:

1. Inthisnewdigitalinformationage, howdowekeepfrombeingmisinformed? In this new age of digital information, how can we not be misled?

2. Tokeepfrompackingonpounds, expertssay, limitfoodconsumptiontoyourhoursofpeakactivity. To avoid weight gain, experts say, eat only when you are most active.

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