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What does wasp mean?

The original meaning of WASP refers to the Protestant upper class in the United States, that is, immigrants from England (especially England and Scotland) during the colonial era, who belong to the Presbyterian, Congregational, and Anglican denominations of Protestantism.

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All English-speaking European Protestants today can be called WASP, even if they are not of Anglo, Saxon, and similar ethnic groups. However, Jews, Catholics, and Orthodox Christians are not included.

This usage is actually outdated and loose, because Protestants in the United States have a complex lineage, which is scattered among many denominations. Ancestors can be Huguenots from England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, or France.

Can belong to the Episcopal Church in the United States, Presbyterian, Lutheran (Lutheran), Methodist, Congregational, Dutch Reformers, Quakers, Baptists, Evangelicals, and even Mormons.

They are not only in the elite class, but also in all social hierarchies. Even the poor white people who are caricatured as “white trash” can be WASP.

The term WASP on the East Coast of the United States can be heard often, and is generally used to compare the original colonists with later European immigrants, such as Irish Catholics, Jews, Italians, and other “white minorities”.

What does PlanB mean?

It means Plan B


British [plæn]

American [plæn]


n. ( (Detailed) planning; (pension, savings, insurance) plan; plan, plan; floor plan, detailed map; distribution map, schematic diagram; (Methodist church) itinerant missionary list; (mobile phone traffic, phone bills, etc.) package

v. Plan, plan; intend; design; expect, anticipate

(name) (Plan) (Sweden) Pullan, (French) Pullan (name)





third person singular


present participle


past tense


past participle

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