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What does the whole body care of the health center include?

The body SPA items for professional health care include: gastrointestinal maintenance, spine maintenance, twelve meridians balance, whole body lymphatic detoxification, whole body aromatherapy, intracranial purification and decompression, back scraping and sliding cupping and other treatment items. There are also facial care, eye care, and body care parts, which are also subdivided into kidney maintenance, scraping and detoxification, weight loss, essential oil massage, cupping, etc. It can help the human body warm and circulate the meridians in an all-round way, and has the effect of circulating qi and blood, chasing cold and dampness, and warming and replenishing vitality. A man who is always fresh, clean and well-dressed will give women more satisfaction and security.

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What is the specialty of nursing medical beauty?

Medical beauty is an emerging medical technology major guided by the theory of human form beauty, using surgical and non-surgical medical means to directly maintain, repair and reshape the beauty of the human body, and to enhance the vitality of human life.

Medical beauty professionals mainly assist doctors in treating and caring for customers, follow-up and follow-up reminders for treated customers, skilled operation of aesthetic treatment instruments and various skin care techniques, and provide professional and high-quality beauty services for beauty seekers.

What is beauty? What is the job of a beautician?

Beauty is an art of making people’s appearance beautiful. Cosmetologists mainly work in beauty salons or beauty clubs, and provide customers with beauty and beautification services such as skin cleansing, care, maintenance, massage, aromatherapy, weight loss, base makeup, and point makeup according to their face shape, skin characteristics and requirements. When necessary, supplemented with drugs or tools for health and beauty, it is required to use drugs and laser equipment to prevent and treat facial acne and pigmentation.

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