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What does the weight bim mean?

The weight bim is the body mass index, which is an indicator closely related to the total amount of fat in the body. It can directly reflect the status of systemic overweight and obesity, and is an important indicator to measure whether it is obese and standard weight.

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The scope of application of BMI calculation: people aged 18 to 65. Except for children, developing adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly and strong athletes.

The calculation formula of BMI is BMI = weight (kilograms)/height square (meters). According to the physical characteristics of Chinese people, the BMI index is less than 18.5 for underweight, between 18.5 and 23.9 for normal, between 24 and 27. 9 is overweight, and those greater than or equal to 28 are obese.

Is probiotic weight control tablets useful?

Probiotic enzyme weight control tablets still have a certain role. This product is suitable for many people. It is more suitable for overweight people or people who want to better control their weight and improve their body shape. These people can choose with confidence.

The main products include probiotics, as well as enzyme ingredients. Each bottle of 60 tablets is also very cost-effective, and it is also developed by a regular manufacturer. Taking it in the correct way can not only effectively strengthen peristalsis, but also have very important significance for improving constipation or other symptoms such as big belly

What is the normal value of bmi index for college students?

The normal value of bmi index for college students is 18.5-24!

Body mass index, also known as body mass index (BMI), its normal range is 18.5-24, less than 18.5 is wasting, 24-28 is overweight, and more than 28 is obese.

The formula for calculating body mass index is the square of weight (kg)/height (m), and the unit is kilograms/square meter. It is worth noting that a normal body mass index does not mean that you are not obese, because a small number of people are mainly obese.

Similarly, people who exercise regularly have more muscle and a lower proportion of fat, but it is possible to calculate a body mass index of more than 28. So to see whether a person is obese, it not only depends on the body mass index, but also combines other indicators.

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