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What does the main line 6 plus 3 mean?

The 6 plus 3 line group refers to the main line model is No. 6, and the sub-line model is No. 3. This configuration can relatively large fish in the water, and can basically bear the impact force generated by fish weighing less than 10 kilograms when hooked.

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However, sometimes the situation is relatively special, such as a fish species is very fierce, and it will produce more force than other fish of the same weight when hooked. When fishing for them, you need to fish slightly lighter.

How many catties can the 12 main lines and 10 sub-lines pull?

No. 12 main line No. 10 sub-line can catch fish weighing 30-20 kilograms. There are different models of sub-line, and different models have different tensile values, which can catch fish of different body types. From the specific model point of view, No. 10 sub-line is a relatively large model, which can catch fish of relatively large size in the water, that is, fish weighing 30-20 kilograms. However, sometimes the fishing fish species are special and the strength is particularly large. At this time, it is not recommended to fish too heavy, otherwise it is easy to tear the fishing line off.

Is the main line of fishing crucian carp 20 large?

The main line of 20 is used to fish crucian carp, because 2. The tensile force of the No. 0 sub-line (nylon line) can reach 4.1 kg, and the tensile force after the nodule is still 3.2 to 3.7 kg, so the 2.0 main line fishing for crucian carp with a weight of generally no more than 2 kg is completely overkill. In fact, the 2.0 main line fishing for medium individual carp is more than enough, but the premise is that the sub-line does not have any quality problems.

33 How big can you catch?

3. The 0 main line can catch fish with a weight of less than 6 kg. The 3. 0 main line is often used, and the fishing effect is better. But when choosing the target fish species, you need to choose according to the tensile value of the main line. Generally speaking, it can bear fish species with a weight of less than 6 kg. However, sometimes the situation will be special, because some fish have a lot of strength. At this time, it is not recommended to catch fish that are too heavy, but it is recommended to catch smaller fish, such as those within 5 kg, to prevent line breakage.

How many catties of fish are generally caught in the through line of Rocky Pole 2.0?

2. 0 The main line is suitable for fishing fish with a weight of less than 4 kg, and sometimes fish with a weight of about 5 kg can be caught. There are different models of main lines, and different models of main lines are suitable for fishing fish of different weights. However, in different situations, the fish that can be fished are also different. For example, some fish are very fierce, and the force generated when they are hooked is large, so it is not recommended to fish too heavy. Furthermore, for beginners, due to lack of experience, it is not recommended to fish too heavy.

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