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What does the inpatient service center do?

1. According to the requirements of the higher authorities and hospital leaders, it is responsible for formulating various rules and regulations, work plans and organizing the implementation of the inpatient service center in our hospital.

what does a weight management clinic do

2. Responsible for the development of various service items and supervise the service effect; regularly conduct training and assessment of the service center personnel.

3. Responsible for providing patients and their families with free drinking water, sewing kits, sticky notes, wheelchairs and other practical items, as well as weight measurement services.

4. Cooperate with the clinical to do a good job of health consultation, publicize the knowledge of health science, and improve the people’s self-care ability.

5. Responsible for the medical guidance and guidance of patients who come to our hospital for examination, treatment, and inpatient.

6. Responsible for the first issuance of the “Birth Medical Certificate” for all newborns born in our hospital after May 2010. Collect, organize, file, and file relevant materials in a timely manner.

7. Responsible for the satisfaction survey of patients and their families in various departments of the hospital. Go deep into the ward, listen to the opinions of patients and their families, solve relevant problems in a timely manner, and do a good job of summarizing and reporting.

8. Responsible for the corresponding training and guidance of volunteers in the volunteer service post of the inpatient service center. And assist the office in the management of volunteers.

9. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior department and hospital leaders in a timely manner.

What does a midwife clinic do?

Midwives are mainly consulted on pregnancy care, prenatal and labor preparation, signs of labor, labor waiting process, delivery method, delivery skills and other issues to the expectant mothers, so that pregnant mothers can understand the services and workflow during labor. At the same time, assist outpatients in routine obstetric examinations, including blood pressure measurement, weight, height, listening to fetal heart rate, and four-step palpation of obstetrics.

What do male nursing do?

Male caregivers play an important role in the medical and nursing field. They are responsible for providing professional nursing services and support. Here are some of the jobs that male caregivers may perform:

Patient Care: Male caregivers are responsible for taking care of patients’ daily living needs, including helping patients with bathing, changing clothes, eating, etc. They will also monitor the patient’s signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, etc., and report them to the doctor in a timely manner.

Medical Operations: Male caregivers may assist doctors with some medical operations, such as injecting patients with drugs, changing wound dressings, intubating, etc. They need to have relevant medical knowledge and skills and follow strict operating procedures.

Observation and recording of the condition: Male caregivers are responsible for observing the changes of the patient’s condition and recording relevant information in a timely manner. They will pay close attention to the patient’s symptoms, body temperature, breathing, etc., in order to report to the doctor in a timely manner.

Psychological support: Male caregivers play an important role in psychological support during the patient’s recovery. They will communicate with the patient, provide emotional support and comfort, and help the patient relieve anxiety and fear.

Assisting in rehabilitation training: Male caregivers may assist the rehabilitator in rehabilitation training to help the patient regain function. They will guide the patient in some physical activities and sports to promote the recovery process.

Assisting in surgery: Male caregivers play an important role in the operating room. They are responsible for preparing surgical instruments, assisting physicians with surgical procedures, and ensuring the hygiene and safety of the operating room.

Health Education: Male caregivers provide health education to patients and families, including knowledge on disease prevention, medication use, dietary conditioning, etc. They will answer questions from patients and families and provide relevant health guidance.

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