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What does the azo test mainly detect?

AZO azo compounds are compounds formed by connecting azo-N = N- with two hydrocarbon groups, and the general formula is R-N = N-R. The main materials involved in AZO azo synthesis are: cloth, leather, paint, plastic, rubber, colorants, etc.

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Harm and limitations of AZO azo, many azo compounds have carcinogenic effects, such as cream yellow used for margarine coloring can induce liver cancer, which is prohibited; methyl red as an indicator can cause bladder and breast tumors. Although some azo compounds are not carcinogenic, their toxicity is similar to that of nitro compounds and aromatic amines. In order to protect human health and provide consumer safety, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany have successively adopted mandatory rules to prohibit the use of azo-containing colorants in consumer products. On September 11, 2002 and January 6, 2003, the European Parliament and the European Union Commission also published 2002/61/EC and 2003/3/EC Directives restricting the use of carcinogenic azo colorants in certain textiles and leather products, and prohibiting the sale of products colored with restricted azo-containing colorants.

What is the dry chemical method?

The dry chemistry method refers to the method of adding liquid detection samples directly to commercial dry reagent strips produced for different projects, using the moisture of the tested sample as a solvent to cause a specific chemical reaction, and then conducting chemical analysis. It is a type of analytical method based on enzymatic methods, and is also known as dry reagent chemistry or solid-phase chemistry. It mainly has the following characteristics:

1. High accuracy and fast speed, generally within 3 to 4 minutes to make test results;

2. Easy to operate, no daily correction required;

3. No need to store any other reagents or prepare any solution;

4. The specimen does not need to be pretreated, and the multilayer membrane has the function of selective filtration, thereby reducing the measurement process. The influence of interfering substances;

5. The amount of specimen used is small, and the moisture during the reaction is supplied by the liquid components in the specimen to improve the measurement sensitivity;

6. The multilayer membrane system based on the principle of differential electrode method is used at one time, so there is a conventional electrode method Advantages without its disadvantages;

7. In some cases, wet chemistry can be used instead of emergency specimens, and it can also be used for methodological evaluation of routine test results, etc. Extended information: Urine dry chemical detection: Nitrite: Nitrite reduction method is used. Nitrite reacts with aromatic aminosulfonamide to form diazo fertilizer compounds, while diazo compounds are coupled with tetrahydrobenzoquinoline 3-phenol to form red azo dyes. The detection rate of nitrite is affected by three factors: 1. Whether bacteria with urinary tract infection contain nitrate reductase. 2. Whether the food contains nitrates. 3. Whether the urine specimen stays in the bladder for more than 4 hours. If the above three conditions are met, the detection rate of this test is 80%, otherwise it may be negative. The specimen can be false positive if left for too long or contaminated with bacteria.

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