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What does the 90th height table mean?

1. Numbers within the standard value range: such as 3rd is low within the standard, and 90th is high within the standard. The grades after the standard. For example, what adults describe: thin, normal, overweight, means.,

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2. To evaluate whether the child’s height meets the standard, usually compare the child’s height with the average height of healthy children of the same age and gender. Short stature: The normal height is less than minus 2 standard deviations, or less than the third percentile.?

3. The normal height data standards here are calculated by statistical methods from a large number of representative physical measurements of healthy children. Children whose height ranks 25th to 75th belong to the medium, and those who rank 25th to 3rd are middle and lower, and those who rank below 3rd are lower, belonging to short stature.

4. The reasons for short stature are complex and related to genetic, metabolic, endocrine, bone growth, nutrition and long-term chronic diseases, as well as social environment, mental, psychological and other factors. A detailed medical history and comprehensive physical examination should be asked, and a laboratory and special examination should be reasonably selected to conduct a comprehensive analysis and make a diagnosis.

5. There are many causes of short stature. According to the relationship with the endocrine system, it can be divided into short stature caused by non-endocrine abnormalities and short stature caused by endocrine abnormalities.

Nine-month silver gradient normal weight?

1. There are many factors for the normal weight of nine-month-old babies, such as birth weight, gender, congenital inheritance, etc. Generally speaking, male and female babies will gain weight differently in the 9th month after birth. Usually, the weight of male babies will be heavier than that of female babies. 2. According to the standards of the World Health Organization, babies with a birth weight between 2.5-4.0kg have an average weight of 7-9 for 9 months. 5Kg, but there is still a certain weight difference between nine-month-old babies, so the normal weight of the silver gradient needs to be judged according to its birth weight, sex, congenital genetics and other comprehensive factors. 3. In addition, the growth and development process of each silver gradient will also be different. But in general, the baby’s diet, living environment and living habits largely affect the growth and development of the baby. It is recommended that parents make appropriate adjustments according to the child’s situation during the parenting process.

How to calculate the weight compliance rate of children aged 3-6?

The average weight of a child is usually 3kg at birth, and the weight of a baby at 3-4 months is about 6kg, which is twice the birth weight. It is 9kg at one year old and 12kg at two years old. Weight at 2-12 years old = age × 2 8kg.

If the baby is five years old, the weight is 18kg, but the growth of children is non-uniform, and there are individual differences, and there are gender differences. Therefore, the value calculated by the formula is only a rough estimate of growth, and it should not be used as a standard for physical growth evaluation. Weight is related to the genetic environment and diet. Pay attention to the growth of the child’s weight and give intervention when necessary.

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