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What does Taiyi’s weight-bearing 10,000 catties grow up mean?

Taiyi’s weight-bearing 10,000 catties grow up means that after experiencing heavy burdens and pressures, Taiyi has grown and improved. In ancient Chinese myths and legends, Taiyi was a god with divine power. He took on many heavy responsibilities, such as protecting people from disasters, regulating the yin and yang qi of heaven and earth, and so on. The most famous legend is that he grew up exercising in a grass hut and carried a thousand catties of weight every day. Therefore, Taiyi’s weight-bearing 10,000 catties grow up is considered a symbol of wisdom, courage, etc. By extension, Taiyi’s story expresses the belief that only under pressure can one continuously improve oneself. This is similar to the values in modern society, encouraging people not to give up when they experience setbacks, difficulties and stress, and to continue to strive for growth and progress.

Introduction to Andy in the myth?

Andy is a member of the Korean group mythology. Andy is the second member to join shinhwa. In fact, ANDY stood out in the selection of HOT America as early as 96. But due to age issues, he joined SM a year later. Joined the myth. Full name AndySunhoLee (Lee Hyun-ho) Family name: Andy himself is not sure about his birthday 1981. 1. 21 Zodiac Youji (official) The group where the constellation Aquarius is located, Shinhwa (Shinhwa) Responsibilities Middle and bassrap English rap Height 176cm Weight 58kg Blood type O Vision Right 0. 2/Left 0. 4 Religious beliefs Christian school Korean expatriate school (KFS) Nickname Bogus Family members Parents and sisters Hobbies Playing basketball and talking on the phone Specialties Basketball and dancing Languages English Korean Most grateful to parents Most cherished Parents Character funny, lively, and get along well with other group members. Most satisfied with their own parts Mouth (heart-shaped mouth shape) Sleep time is usually 4-5 hours Sleep habits No hope of being a versatile singer How to reduce stress Usually yelling or asking friends out Places you want to go Chejudo want to receive from fans Accessories (bracelets, etc.) Favorite type of music R

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