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What does Sulwhasoo Muscle Activating Serum mean?

Sulwhasoo Muscle Activating Serum is a very comprehensive skin care product. It is made of natural ingredients and has moisturizing, antioxidant, repairing, anti-aging and other effects.

serum in skin care routine morning and night

It can gently improve skin spots, fine lines, pigmentation, dryness, roughness and other problems, making the skin firmer and smoother. In addition, Sulwhasoo Muscle Activating Serum can also improve blood circulation, improve skin condition, and make skin healthier and fairer.

Is serum protein skin care product reliable?

Serum protein skin care product reliable.

The ingredients added in it are all soothing to the skin, such as Canadian willow grass and ecdoine, which can effectively relieve skin discomfort. The effect of repelling red blood is really obvious. I see that after my roommate used it for a few weeks, the red blood is not so much. And she will no longer be itchy and can’t sleep. I am very at ease. After all, I sleep in the bottom bunk, and I know all about her movements. I also added 4D hyaluronic acid and squalane, one for hydration and the other for moisturization. I didn’t see her peeling after my roommate used it.

Facial skin care process?

1. Clean

After a night of sleep, the face will accumulate too much skin secretions and cellular metabolic waste, so morning cleaning is inevitable. Washing your face is not about wiping the floor. It is better to wash it gently. It is recommended that you choose a gentler cleansing product. First soak your face with warm water, squeeze an appropriate amount of facial cleanser into the palm of your hand, rub the facial cleanser into a small foam with both hands, then apply it evenly on your face, gently circle and massage with your fingers, and finally rinse it off with water.

2. Mask

Be sure to wash your face before applying the mask. Apply the mask to your face. Remove the mask after 15 minutes to avoid applying the mask for too long. Then wash alternately with hot and cold water to wash off the excess essence. After washing, use a face towel to dry, and then use water milk to help the skin lock in the moisture and nutrients in the skin, which can make the skin tighter.

3. Lotion

You can pour an appropriate amount of lotion into the palm of your hand, dip your fingers in the lotion, gently pat the lotion on the skin, and then press the skin with both hands to strengthen the skin’s absorption and increase skin elasticity. You can also use a cotton pad to help cleanse: first pour the makeup water on the cotton pad, and the amount should be soaked through the cotton pad; then gently wipe the cotton pad on the skin of the face to effectively remove the residual stains after cleansing. If you have enough time, you can pour out the makeup water and soak it in a compressed mask paper, then apply the soaked mask paper to the face, and then remove it after about 15 minutes, which can enhance the moisturizing effect.

4. Apply eye cream

Women are prone to crow’s feet, dark circles and bags under the eyes, so apply an eye cream with moisturizing and anti-aging effects. After choosing the eye cream that suits you, you should also pay attention to the massage technique when applying the eye cream. Too much application and wrong techniques can also cause problems to the skin around the eyes, such as the most common fat particles. Gently pat around the eyes with the pulp of your fingers to promote local blood circulation.

5. Apply cream or lotion

Generally, the same series of lotions and creams, the lotion is more water-sensitive, and the cream is more oily. The cream has moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging effects, and is suitable for absorption by the face and neck skin. The cream is suitable for women with dry skin. The cream is suitable for neutral or oily skin types. Rub your hands hot first, dip a small amount of product and apply to the neck and face, and then gently massage your hands in a circle, which can promote the skin to absorb the nutrients.

6. Apply essence

The essence is rich in nutrients, which contains concentrated trace elements and serum ingredients, which can quickly replenish nutrients to the skin. After rubbing your hands hot, take an appropriate amount of essence and apply it evenly on the face, avoiding around the eyes, then gently press the U area with the palm of your hand, and gently tap the skin with the pulp of your fingers in the T area, which is conducive to the absorption of essence ingredients.

7. Apply isolation or sun protection

How important sun protection is, I will not emphasize it. Generally used after the cream, you must apply the barrier cream or sunscreen before going out to avoid the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, outside air and makeup to the skin. Apply an appropriate amount of barrier cream evenly on the face, and do not apply too much force to avoid wrinkles. Remember: Sunscreen products have no skin care effect and cannot replace the lotion step. Remember to remove makeup after sunscreen, and do not be lazy. As for the sun protection index, it is best to buy more than two sunscreen products to replace according to your own situation.

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