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What does small base and large base mean in weight loss?

Body base refers to the poor balance of body index. Small base refers to the relatively small fat content and thin fat layer (for example, people who are 160 tall and currently weigh 50kg and are ready to lose 5kg can be called small base). Large base generally refers to the fact that the weight is relatively heavy at the beginning, and people with a large base are easy to lose, but some people have stronger meat and are difficult to lose.

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Extended information:

It is usually said that the weight loss base is the weight at the beginning of weight loss. Small base generally refers to the fact that the weight is relatively light at the beginning, which can basically be equivalent to the BMI index, also known as the body mass index.

It is difficult to lose weight with a small base, because the body shape is well-proportioned and there is no substantial change, and the weight lost is also very small, and it cannot be seen from the appearance. The consumption is certain, so there is no direct change. Weight loss is inseparable from exercise. It is easy to lose weight with a small base through exercise. You can also change your body shape. Exercise every day and change it little by little. Change your lifestyle. Usually develop a low-salt and low-oil diet. Take a walk after meals. Choose low-calorie and high-fiber foods in food choices. Slowly develop a habit, and it is not easy to gain weight.

When the body enters the normal weight range, in fact, the excess fat of the body is long gone, and what remains is the necessary part. If you want to lose weight, you must persist long enough to make your body think that a lighter weight is healthy. This is crucial.

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