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What does Shi Kao mean?

Shi Kao is Johnson’s name, full name: Shi Kao. Johnson. English name: Skao Johans. He is a basketball player, 2 meters tall and weighs 148kg. Born in Michigan on November 17, 1988. Graduated from the University of Chicago. Possesses dual citizenship of the United States and Australia. Participated in the draft in 2009, and was selected by the Miami Heat with the 36th overall pick in the second round.

weight management program at the university of michigan health system

Gary Harris is tall?

Chinese name

Gary Harris

Foreign name

Gary Harris


United States


Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Date of birth

September 14, 1994


1. 93 m/6 ft 4


95 kg/210 lbs

Graduate College

Michigan State University



Affiliated Sports Team

Orlando Magic [23]

Main Awards

2013-14 Season Big Ten Team First Team

2013-14 Season Big Ten Defensive Team

Jersey Number

No. 14

NBA Selection Show

19th in the first round of 2014 selected by the Nuggets

Levier’s full name?

The full name of the popular fried chicken Levier is

Karis Levier,

Born on August 25, 1994, 2.01 meters tall, weighing 92.5 kilograms, before entering the NBA at the University of Michigan Wolves

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