Weight management

What does mobile flow weighting mean?

The moving weighting method is a method of inventory cost accounting. Also known as the moving average method, it refers to the cost of this receipt plus the cost of the original inventory, divided by the number of this receipt plus the original inventory quantity, according to which the weighted unit price is calculated and the inventory sent out is valued.

traffic manager weighted ip

There is also a weighted average method. It is to use several observations of the same variable arranged in chronological order in the past and take the time sequence number as the weight to calculate the weighted arithmetic average of the observations. This number is used as a trend forecasting method to predict the predicted value of the variable in the future period. The weighted average unit price is calculated only once at the end of the month.

What does takeaway weighting mean?

What does Meituan weighting mean? Hello, Meituan weighting means that the Meituan platform will give you more traffic, which is better than the average traffic of merchants in the business district

In this time period, the ranking of merchants is high, just like the place with the most traffic in the mall, many people will see your store

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