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What does Katy Wamps mean?

Katy Holmes (born December 18, 1978) is an American actress who made her name with the 1998 TV series “Dawson’s Creek” and is known for her performance in the movie “Talent”. She married movie star Tom Cruise in 2006.

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The English version of the singer of the first love?

The English version is called thedayyouwentaway. It is sung by the Norwegian group M2m. Their more famous songs are also prettyboy

M2M slim cuties

Marit Larsen’s profile:

Full name: MaritElisabethLarsen

Birthday: July 1, 1983

Birthplace: Lenskog, Norway

Height: 157cm

Favorite food: Chicken noodle soup

Favorite drink: water

Favorite color: dark red (like my guitar)

Favorite music: I like any music related to guitar

Favorite Artists: SixpenceNoneTheRicher, Robyn, Oasis, Hanson, BicRunga, BigBang, TheBeatlesandEricClapton.

Favorite Albums: MiddleofNowherebyHansonandChroniclesbyEricClapton

Favorite Actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Katie Holmes

Favorite Movies: AmericanPie

Favorite TV Shows: DawsonsCreek

Favorite Books: RightnowitsChoicesbyAbigailReed

Favorite Games: Ludo Ludo Puzzle Games

Favorite Sports: No Specific

Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Making Friends, Writing Songs

Marion Raven’s Profile:

Full Name: Marion EliseRavn

Birthday: May 25, 1984

Birthplace: Lenskog, Norway

Height: 170cm

Favorite food: BBQchips-haha

Favorite drink: Fanta juice

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