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What does “hight” mean?

hight English [haıt] beauty adj. Called; vt named…. Named vi. Named n. (Hight) person’s name; (English) Haight

north shore surgical weight management

Howtouseone ‘stimeconstructivelyisahightart. The beneficial use of time is a high art.

Thiswasmirroredintheskirtlengthsofthewomen – theytypicallyworeskirtsthatwereaboutkneehightorabitlower. This is also reflected in the length of women’s skirts – the skirts they wear are characterized by being about knee high, or slightly lower.

Thefirstissettinganexampleofexcellenceforourchildren – becauseifwewanttosethighexpectationsforthem, we vegottosethightexpectationsforourselfs. The first lesson is to set an example of excellence for our children – because if we have high hopes for them, we should expect the same for ourselves.

Itworkstogetherwithagroupofhighttowers, whichtheproject ‘screatorcalls “techno-organic” andthatlookmoreliketreesorrhizomes, becauseofthewaytheyaremultipliedandramified. It works with a group of towers, which the project’s creators call “techno-organisms”, which are more like trees or rhizomes because of their way of spreading and branching. Article. yeeyan.org

Hisbrotherisahightschoolstudent. His brother is a middle school student.

WearereadytomakejointeffortswithourUKcolleaguestopromotemutualpeace-keepingcooperationtoanewhight. We are willing to work with our British colleagues to take the cooperation between the two countries in the field of peacekeeping to a new level.

Thenitturnedoutthetherestaurantlocatedatahightof105meters, hasnosewersystem. Then it was found that the entire building was located at a height of 105 meters, but there was no drainage system.

Itis100meterslonganditsroomhightis28meters, whichisthesizeofanine-storeyapartmentbuilding! It is 100 meters long and 28 meters high in space – about the size of a nine-story apartment building.

Itdidnotflyveryhight: only3. 5metres. It did not fly hight: only 3. 5metres.

Thekinghightthemtoattackthecastle. The king ordered them to attack the castle.

IlyinskyVolcanoislocatedonthenortheastshoreofthelake; itisactive. Ithasashapeofaconeandahightof1578meters. Ilyinsky Volcano is located on the northern shore of Kooge. It is an active cone-shaped volcano, 1578 meters high and 8 kilometers in diameter at the bottom.

Someofyoumightgrowinhightaswell, asgravityisslowlyliftedtoaccommodateyourchangeindimension. Some people also grow (referring to height and weight loss), as gravity is gradually raised to accommodate your changes in the dimension.

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