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What does Enterprise Services mean?

First, will the next Oracle be born in China?

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The United States has Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and we have Huawei, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent.

However, for enterprise service giants such as SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce, there is almost no comparable benchmark in China.

In the past many years, Chinese companies have not been unwilling to enter the enterprise service market, but have mostly been shot to death on the beach.

Tencent, initially wanted to be a technology provider for telecom operators; Ali, initially wanted to be an enterprise-level phone book; Baidu, the original intention was to provide search services for major websites; NetEase, also relying on the business of telecom operators.

Later, the giants switched tracks one after another, which also proved that in China, the toB business is not generally difficult to do. After entering toC, it immediately flourished, and now it has become a leader in various fields. Therefore, the toB business has been rarely mentioned for many years.

Times have come and gone, and toB has also ushered in its own era in recent years.

On the one hand, after nearly two decades of rapid development, the traffic dividend of China’s Internet has almost disappeared. Several very intuitive manifestations: few big unicorns have been produced in the past two years, the cost of acquiring traffic platforms has increased geometrically, and the number of mobile users accessing the network has reached 800 million… At the same time, the giants have strong growth demands and are eager to seek new business growth points. The C-end is weak and the B-end has huge potential. Naturally, it has become a new choice for the giants.

On the other hand, when the overall economic environment is not too friendly, survival is the top priority. Last year, Wang Xing said on the food table: 2019 may be the worst year in the past ten years, but it will be the best year in the next ten years. Under this situation, cost-cutting has also become the main theme of most enterprises. The most direct benefits brought by enterprise-level services are: improving the operational efficiency of enterprises and reducing operating costs, which coincides with the current corporate theme.

Driven by the dual assistance of the supply side and the demand side, enterprise-level services have ushered in their own highlight moment, and DaaS (Device as a Service), which belongs to XaaS (Everything as a Service), has also naturally risen.

Next, ITMars Jun will introduce the protagonist of this article: DaaS.

Second, a powerful tool for cost reduction and efficiency increase – DaaS

Do you still have a computer installed with Windows XP system in 2008 in your enterprise?

Is the conference room in your industry still decorated in the style of the 1990s?

Is the video conferencing system used in your enterprise still 5 years ago?

Anyway, ITMars Jun has seen many enterprise XP systems, as well as the office 2007 version.

Why use the old XP system in 2008, the old decoration conference room, the obsolete video conferencing system…

The important reason is that the company initially spent a lot of money to buy the equipment, as long as it can still be used, the price is not willing to replace it, and the old equipment is often difficult to be compatible with the new system.

If the old computer and the obsolete system can really reduce the cost for the enterprise, it is good, but the end often brings greater hidden costs to the enterprise. Once the old computer of the old system crashes, the employee may not be able to work all day, and it will cost a lot of money to repair it once; even if it runs normally, its slow running speed will have an impact on the work efficiency of the employee, especially the kind that flashes away after opening four or five excel spreadsheets.

ITMars noticed that business owners ignore the fact that what the enterprise needs is not the end point of the equipment itself, but the services it provides.

For example, there is now a small and medium-sized foreign trade company that often needs to hold video conferences with foreign employees and partners.

Now there is a problem in front of it.

It is cheap to use a universal video conferencing system, but it is unstable and the effect is poor;

To buy a complete set of video conferencing equipment, the price is too high, and the later maintenance is also a problem.

In ITMars’ opinion, in essence, what this enterprise needs is not a complete set of video conferencing systems, display screens, microphones…, but high-quality video conferencing services. What it needs most is this service, not a complete set of equipment.

Faced with this dilemma, DaaS (Equipment as a Service) comes into play. DaaS was first proposed by Rolls-Royce in 1997 and is a business model that leases equipment to the user for a regular service fee. The prospects of this market are huge. The relevant report points out that the device-as-a-service market share will be 21.60 billion US dollars in 2019 and is expected to reach 131 billion US dollars in 2025.

With DaaS services, this enterprise can purchase corresponding video conferencing services, only need to pay a small initial installation cost and regular service fees. It can not only enjoy a high-quality video conferencing experience, but also get a series of high-quality services such as 7 * 24 cloud operation and system full hosting.

The core is that less money is spent, but the service and experience are better.

Third, why is the DaaS model the future trend?

ITMars Jun is so optimistic about the DaaS model. In addition to the above reasons, there are two important factors.

First, companies can more easily adopt new technologies. On the one hand, service providers generally upgrade their technologies for free; in addition, due to the service fee model, if you encounter a more suitable technology, you can replace it at any time, without having to make a difficult choice due to the huge purchase cost in the early stage. Timely adoption of new technologies can reduce the cost of enterprises and improve operational efficiency at a small scale; at a large scale, it will have an important impact on the prospects of enterprises.

What’s more valuable is that in this model, the speed of technological iteration in the entire society will be greatly accelerated. Marx once said: The role of social demand on innovation is greater than that of 10 universities. In the past, an important reason why people were reluctant to try new technologies was the cost, which also formed a vicious circle. The fewer people tried it, the more difficult it was to reduce the cost. This hindered the process of technological innovation to a certain extent. Under the DaaS model, the motivation of enterprises to try new technologies has been enhanced, and this demand will also accelerate the speed of innovation. In turn, new technologies will have a positive impact on the cost reduction and efficiency of enterprises. When something has positive significance for promoting the development of technology, it must be a trend. Over time, it will produce a flywheel effect and operate on its own.

Second, this model helps small and medium-sized enterprises to focus their limited IT resources on their core business. Throughout the history of business, there is a core logic in it: the more society develops, the more professional things need to be handled by professionals.

During the Industrial Revolution, when you wanted to run a factory, you also needed to build your own power plant;

More than a decade ago, a restaurant had delivery services, which could only be driven by small bosses or employees;

Before, when you started a website, you needed to know your own technology and buy servers;

Before, you needed to have your own factory to produce products;

Nowadays, power plants generate power uniformly, takeaway platforms unify delivery staff, various build websites automatically build websites, cloud computing platforms meet your personalized computing power needs, and various flexible supply chains are perfect.

Similarly, many hardware devices, enterprises do not need to spend huge amounts of money to buy, and then spend huge human resources to consume the core competitiveness of enterprises. All you need to do is to hand over all kinds of infrastructure services to specialized people. What enterprises need to do is to have strong enough core competitiveness and continue to make efforts on it.

The next ten years will be a difficult decade, and it will also be a golden decade for China’s enterprise-level service market. It is also a personal show of DaaS.

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