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What does cosmetic living water mean?

It is the general term for makeup water and water. Softening water, moisturizing water, and toner are just different names, but they are all skin care products with moisturizing as the main purpose.

living libations skin care routine

Convergence water, firming water, shrinkage water

Convergence water, firming water and shrinkage water are still similar, and they are also different names of different brands. Their main function is to shrink pores. Generally, they contain alcohol, which will feel cool and dry after use. At the same time, it can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and prevent the growth of acne.

Soft Skin Water Revitalizing Water

Soft Skin and Rejuvenating Products not only have the effect of replenishing moisture, but they each have some special functions.

The order of water, milk, face cream, living hydrogel, repairing cream, and sunscreen?

The first step is to moisturize. Apply evenly to the face in the order of lotion-essence-lotion.

Step 2: Isolation. Apply isolation or plain cream. The main function is to separate the skin and cosmetics, modify the skin tone of the face and prevent makeup from falling off.

Step 3: Sunscreen. Apply sunscreen. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, sunscreen work is indispensable. But you need to choose sunscreen products with different indices according to the season, and then apply sunscreen products evenly after applying the above skin care products, so that the skin can fully resist the damage of ultraviolet rays.

Women’s skin care steps:

1. Daytime focus: face-saving facial cleanser, firming water, firming serum, eye gel, firming lotion, sunscreen.

2. Evening focus: softening water, plant serum, eye gel, anti-aging lotion (cream).

Are active water skin care products expensive?

The price of live water skin care products depends on the specific product type and brand. Generally speaking, live water skin care products are relatively high-end, and the price may be slightly higher. But there are also some affordable live water skin care products to choose from. It is recommended to choose the right product according to your budget and skin type. You can compare it on major e-commerce platforms or brick and mortar stores to find the most cost-effective product.

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