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What does clothes size abc mean?

It means as follows:

abc weight management

XXL, XL, L, M, S.

These sizes originated from English, S is SMALL, Chinese means small, M is MIDDLE, Chinese means middle, L is LARGE, Chinese means big, XL is EXTRALARGE Chinese means extra large, XXL is EXTRAEXTRALARGE Chinese means extra large.

Because our country’s clothes were tailor-made before the Qing Dynasty. Later, during the British Industrial Revolution, colonists established colonies all over the world and factories reached their maximum. The factory invented this number based on the average height and weight of people in a country to promote the sale of clothing goods. These letters are abbreviations of English words.

Extended information:

“Size” generally refers to the size and size of clothes. Clothes, shoes and socks are fat or thin, and the length and size of certain parts of the human body.

In the national standard GB/T1335, the size of women’s clothing tops S (small) is 155/80A; M (medium) is 160/84A; L (large) is 165/88A. “Size” refers to the length of clothing, and “type” refers to the fat and thin of clothing. Such as 165/88A, the numbers before and after the slash represent the height of the human body and the chest circumference or waist circumference of the person, and the letters behind the slash represent the body shape characteristics of the person.

Y-type refers to the body shape with a large chest and a thin waist. Type A represents the general body shape, Type B represents the slightly fat body shape, and Type C represents the fat body shape. The way to distinguish the body shape is to look at the chest circumference minus the waist circumference.

How many catties is 75a34a’s underwear suitable for wearing?

Can’t be sure because the suitable wearing of underwear depends on many factors, such as chest circumference, back circumference, shoulder width, arm length, etc. And 75a34a is only a code to identify the size of underwear, which is not enough to fully describe a person’s figure. So I can’t be sure. However, in general, the choice of underwear should be based on the size of the individual, not the weight. It is recommended to measure the bust and back circumference by yourself before purchasing, and then choose the appropriate size. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the fabric material, style and function of the underwear, and make a decision after comprehensive consideration to ensure comfort and wearing effect.

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