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What does aerobic exercise four times a week mean?

Aerobic exercise four times a week refers to aerobic exercise four times a week. Aerobic exercise refers to oxygen-consuming sports, such as jogging, skipping rope, swimming, etc. Cardio exercise four times a week can effectively improve the body’s metabolic level, enhance cardiopulmonary function, and help reduce weight and improve physical health. In addition, the length and intensity of aerobic exercise are also very important. Generally speaking, the duration of each aerobic exercise should be more than 30 minutes. The intensity of exercise should be moderate, so that you feel a little tired but not overtired. If you are starting aerobic exercise for the first time, you need to gradually increase the time and intensity of exercise according to your personal physical condition and doctor’s advice. In short, aerobic exercise four times a week is a good way to exercise your body, but you should choose the appropriate intensity and duration of exercise according to your own situation.

regular cardiorespiratory exercise contributes to better management of weight by

If you want to develop cardiopulmonary function and endurance, how long should you run on the treadmill at what speed?

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