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What do you think of the production date of obagi?

The production date depends on 3 yards. The first letter is said to represent the place of origin, the second represents the month: 1-9 is January-September, A, B, and C represent 10, 11, and December respectively, and the third is the year. 3-9 represents 2003-2009, and 0-2 represents 2010-2012. For example, AC4 represents December 2004. LaPrairie Leipney, a skin care brand from Switzerland. The constant pursuit of eternal beauty has created a legend of the brand. LaPrairie selects precious ingredients and uses advanced biotechnology and living cell essence to achieve luxury products

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How is the effect of obagi eye cream?

Obagi eye cream is a popular eye skin care product. Its main function is to supplement the skin’s elastin and collagen, which can make tired eyes look good, effectively relieve eye puffiness and dark circles, reduce eye fine lines, and delay eye skin aging.

What other star products are worth buying besides beauty drinks?

Brand introduction Chinese name: Episteme English name: episteme Founder: Rohton Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Birthplace: Japanese brand story episteme Episteme is an internationally renowned pharmaceutical organization Rohton (ROHTO) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which uses cutting-edge technology to refine the law of Hengmei, deeply dialyze the essence of beauty, and bring innovation to the four major anti-aging “Hengmei Rejuvenation e-Technology”.

will open the episteme Episteme flagship store on the 2nd floor of Isetan, Meilong Town, Shanghai in January 2010, inviting Chinese women to start a new era of skin care together. Japan’s Rohton Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in Osaka, Japan in 1899. Since 1909, it has produced the first eye drops. Since then, the series of eye drops have been the ace products of OTC eye drops. The birth of episteme Aibizhi is due to the century-old medical technology background and years of research and development results of Ledun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. In addition to the eye drops that are well-known to the Chinese people, Ledun Pharmaceutical also owns a series of cosmetic brands that are familiar to the Chinese market: Mansorelatum, Muscle Research, OXY (OXY), etc. In addition, the high-efficacy skin care brand Obagi (Ledun and American doctor Dr. Obagi jointly developed the brand), the special brand DRX of dermatology clinics and the cosmetics for sensitive skin Promedial are also highly respected

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