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What do you think of the production date of dhc?

First of all, DHC is a Japanese brand. Consumers who buy cosmetics in Japan will find a phenomenon, that is, various cosmetic brands in Japan do not mark the production date on the product packaging. For consumers who pay attention to the shelf life of products, they often feel uncomfortable.

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Japan is different from the domestic cosmetic management mechanism. It is not mandatory for all products to be marked with the production date, but it is mandatory that products that will deteriorate within 3 years in an unopened state must indicate the production date and shelf life.

That is to say, cosmetics that do not indicate the production date are made under the premise that they do not deteriorate for 3 years after production, and not only will the quality not change immediately after 3 years. The corresponding quality can still be maintained for a period of time after that.

Therefore, the products that have obtained sales licenses on the market not only meet the strict quality supervision standards of Japan, but the manufacturers themselves have their own strict standards for product management and preservation to ensure the quality of the products.

What does lotion mean in dhc cosmetics?

lotionn. Lotion, lotion; skin care lotion, lotion; [English] [ How about dhc skin care products?

DHC cosmetics are not bad as a whole. The body softening soaps and nourishing soaps I have used are good, especially the round grain scrub, acne scar white condensation and makeup remover oil at home. I feel the best cosmetics. They are especially suitable for my oily skin. After using them, the skin is really much better. First of all, the skin tone of the skin is obviously brighter. The most important thing is that acne is not coming out in piles, and the acne marks are obviously much lighter. This is the most gratifying thing for me now.

Like summer, we cannot completely wash off the aging keratin on the surface of the skin and the dirt in the pores by washing our face every day, so thorough cleaning 1-2 times a week is especially important.

DHC Natural Round Grain Scrub is a product recommended by Big S. It is unique: the particles of DHC Natural Round Grain Scrub fit tightly to the skin and inhibit the production of foam, resulting in a good matte effect.

Using natural apricot nucleus particles that are powerful and not easy to deteriorate in plants, it feels gentle and natural to use.

Contains two kinds of particles, large and small, to make the massage effect higher.

It can effectively remove the remaining exfoliation and dirt on the pores and skin surface, adjust the skin texture, and retain moisture and moisturization.

Prevent small acne while keeping the skin moisturized as necessary, and is more suitable for summer cleansing.

A miniature that is easy to carry when going out.

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