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What do gocross, godown, and goby mean respectively?

The first word is goacross goacross1. To cross the road; cross the water (or space, etc.): Hewentacrossthebridge. He crossed the bridge. 2. To be accepted; to be understood: Didyourspeechgoacrosstothecrowdallright? Did everyone understand your speech? godown 1. Go down: Godownandseewhattheyaredoingdownstairs. Go down and see what they are doing downstairs. 2. Bend over; bend over; kneel down: Ihadtogodownonthefloortocleantheroom. I had to kneel on the floor to clean the room. 3. To be swallowed: Thismedicinegoesdownsmoothly. This medicine is easy to swallow. 4. (Sun, month) Sinking west, falling below the horizon: Asthesunwentdownthewholeskybecamesuffusedwitharedglow. When the sun set west, the whole sky was covered with a red sunset. 5. (Prestige, quality) Declining, falling: ThisrestaurantwhichwasonceoneofthebestinNewYork, hasgonedownsteadilyinthepastfewmonths. Once the finest restaurant in New York, its prestige has been gradually declining in recent months. 6. Fall, fall; collapse: Thewholehousewentdowninthefloods. The whole house collapsed in the flood. 7. Fail, be defeated: Thebeststudentwentdowninthelastexamination. The best student failed the last exam. 8. (The wind and waves) subsided; (the swelling) subsided; (the flood) fell; (the tires, etc.) No gas: Thewindwentdownandtheseabecamequitecalm. The wind has stopped, and the sea has become calm. Thetyrehasgonedown. The tires are flat. 9. (Price) Down; (Temperature, etc.) Down: Eggsaregoingdown. The price of eggs is falling. Duringherillnessherweightwentdownfrom50kilosto40kilos. During her illness, her weight fell from 50 kilograms to 40 kilograms. 10. (Music) Lower tone: togodowna5thhere, nota4th here to drop 5 degrees, not 4 degrees. 11. To be accepted, to be popular; to elicit a reaction: Howdidhisspeechgodownwiththeaudience? Will his speech be acceptable to the audience? 12. (Book, etc.) to; (land, etc.) to extend to: Howfardoeszoo’slandgodown? How big is the zoo’s territory? 13. To be recorded (in history), to be passed down: Thisdaywillgodowninhistory. Today will go down in history. 14. [British English] Leaving university: Hewentdownwithouttakingadegree. He graduated from university without a degree. 15. [British slang] Jail: Shewentdownforthreemonths. She was jailed for three months. 16. [slang] Happening: What’sgoingdown? What happened? goby1. Passing: You’vemissedthebus, itjustwentby. You missed the bus, it just left. 2. (time) Gone, past: Timegoesbyquicklyonvacation. Time flies so fast on vacation. 3. [ Spoken language] (fault, fault, etc.) to be let go; (opportunity, etc.) to be missed, to be let go easily: Youcan ‘taffordtoletanyjobgobywhenyou ‘vebeenoutofworkforsolong. You have been unemployed for so long, you can’t easily let go of any job opportunity. 4. According to, abide by; judge by…: Goingbyherdiamondring, shemustbeveryrich. Judging by her diamond ring, she must be rich. Don’tgobythatclock. It’sslow. Don’t follow that clock, it’s slow. 5. By… running, by… moving; (by train, plane, etc.) Travel: Ithinkweshouldgobyplane, it’sfaster. I think we should take a plane, it’s faster. 6. By the way: Iwasnotathomewhenshewentbyyesterday. I was not at home when she came to see me yesterday. 7. Called; named after… HegoesbythenameofSmith, butIdon’tknowwhohereallyis. He was called Smith, but I don’t know his real name.

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