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What do college students need for skin care in the morning and evening?

1 [Toner] This can be wiped on the face with a cotton pad according to the method of appealing to wash the face, or you can pat it on the face with your hands. It is also the cheeks that pat up, and the neck should also be taken into account, also from the bottom up.

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2 [Essence or muscle bottom fluid] The youth of college students is only a few years, and it will be too late to maintain when there is a real problem. Use essence or muscle bottom fluid from now on, but college students are still young, so they only need moisturizing and smoothing skin, not powerful ones.

3 [Eye Cream] 20 years old is a breaking point. If you don’t have fine lines on your eyes, congratulations, but girls of this age, especially those with big eyes, are prone to fine lines. At this time, you must pay attention to using moisturizing eye cream. Prepare early so that you will not be defeated by the years.

4 [Lotion] Dot the lotion on the face, forehead, sides of the cheeks, nose, chin according to the following points, and then pat it lightly to spread.

5 [Cream] Finally, apply a thin layer of cream, but it can be adjusted according to the region and climate. In summer or moist places, you can omit the cream step.

Can morning and evening skin care be the same without makeup?

It is different. You need to use sunscreen and isolation during the day, and don’t use it at night. Wash your face with a facial cleanser at night regardless of makeup or not. If it is dry skin, you can use a facial cleanser in the morning. Use sunscreen all year round. Sunscreen is anti-aging. Don’t think it is wrong to use sunscreen in summer. Choose skin care products for your own skin. Do more hydrotherapy for dry skin, do a good job of sunscreen, and choose oil-controlled skin care products for oily skin. Do a good job of cleaning

29-year-old skin care sequence?

For different skin types, the steps of morning and evening skin care are also slightly different. Dry skin is more fragile and prone to allergies, so when choosing a cleansing and mask, you should consider it according to your skin condition. The pores of oily skin are generally larger, so when choosing skin care products, you should also focus on products with good oil control and moisturizing effect.

Order of morning skin care

Cleansing → Toner → Essence → Lotion/Cream → Sunscreen → Isolation

Order of night skin care

Makeup remover → Cleansing → Toner → Essence → Mask → Eye Cream → Lotion/Cream

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