Weight management

What do calorie planners plan?

Calorie matching of food. The main work content of calorie planners is to accurately calculate the calories of each food, balance the matching according to various standards, develop healthy foods for people with different requirements and constitutions, design diet plans, assist weight management, etc.

pro plan focus weight management

Height 164, female, weight 65 kg, plan to lose 10 kg a month, how to arrange?

Dinner requires 6:00 to 7:00, find hunger before the meal, hungry for 40 to 60 minutes, dear who was hungry before and dare not eat, you can eat an apple or drink a yogurt during this time period, dear who used to eat, you can drink milk and soy milk at night and eat some vegetarian dishes, you can eat five minutes full for dinner, dear who is not hungry at 7:00 pm proves that you have eaten too much lunch, and reduce the amount appropriately the next day

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