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What country is AMERICON?

AMERICON is not a country, he is the name of a basketball player. Full name is: Chris. AMERICON, born in San Antonio, Texas on March 6, 1988, is 1.93 meters tall, weighs 106kg, and has a arm span of 2.02 meters. He is an American citizen. Graduated from Stanford University. In the summer of 2008, he chose to participate in the NBA draft, but unfortunately lost. He then went to play in the Berlin League in Germany.

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Torien Prince height?


TaureanPrince [1]

Foreign name

TaureanPrince [1]


United States [1]


Male [1]

Place of birth

San Marcos, Texas [2]

Date of birth

March 22, 1994 [1]


198cm [1]



99kg [1]

Career Information

Jersey Number

No. 2 (Nets) No. 12 (Eagles, Cavaliers, Timberwolves) No. 21 (Baylor University) No. 35 (Baylor University) [2] [3]

Position on the Court

Small Forward/Power Forward [2]


Basketball [2]

Current Club

Timberwolves [1]

Former Club

Eagles, Nets, Cavaliers [1]

Honors and Awards

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