Weight management

What can a puppy eat to gain weight?

If you want to make a dog gain weight, you can prepare more food appropriately when feeding.

best dog weight management food

Let the dog eat enough to accumulate some calories and fat in the body, and the dog will naturally gain weight.

1. Dog food is undoubtedly the best food. Dog food is rich in nutrients and even, and it is easy to gain weight if you feed a large number of dogs.

2. It is worth noting that to make a dog gain weight, there must be a scale, and the dog’s body weight can be maintained within the standard range. Remember, too thin is not good for the body, but too fat is also bad for the body.

3. In the process of finding ways to gain weight for the dog, you should also pay attention to guiding the dog to exercise. Convert the heat and fat stored in the body into energy, and make the physique stronger and the limbs thicker through exercise. Only in this way can the dog gain weight meaningfully, and it is better and healthier for the body.

The ratio of feeding to weight for puppies?

The daily feeding amount for puppies should be determined according to weight and breed. Here are some generally applicable basic guidelines:

1. We divide the weight of dogs into 5-6 grades, with each gear separated by about 5 kilograms, which is convenient for calculation.

2. Generally, puppies should be fed 3-5% of their body weight per day, that is, fed in two or three meals per day, and each meal should be fed at 3-5% of their body weight. For example, for a 5kg puppy, the feeding amount per meal should be around 90-150 grams.

3. Different breeds of puppies sometimes need to be fed in different proportions of body weight. Some large breeds need more food, while some small breeds need less.

4. Correct feeding should also pay attention to the calories and nutrients contained in each dog food, as these factors may affect the growth of puppies. Therefore, when feeding puppies, you should consult your veterinarian for advice and choose high-quality dog food.

Finally, it should be noted that the amount of diet and weight ratio of puppies only belong to general guidelines. Each individual has different physique and growth needs, and it is best to adjust it according to the specific situation of the puppies.

Is it okay to feed 2 pieces of chicken per night for dogs weighing 4.5 kg?

A dog weighing nine catties cannot be fed two pieces of chicken every night. Although dogs can usually eat chicken and pork, they can eat two pieces of chicken every night. In the long run, dogs will not be able to digest it. It will also affect the dog’s stomach and cause gastrointestinal diseases in serious cases. If your dog particularly likes to eat chicken, you can chop up the chicken and mix it up with dog food for him to eat!

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