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What brands are in Sephora?

Sephora has many big names as a cosmetics collection store. Chanel, Dior, miumiu. Lancome, Versace perfume.

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Lancome makeup and skin care products are available, as are all skii products, Clarins water cream double extract essence, Armani red air cushion, Givenchy Sigongge loose powder, Estee Lauder skin care and makeup, Biotherm set is available, Sephora is still very good, I buy general skin care products from her house

Sephora lift firming ampoule mask usage?

Drop the essence of the Sephora Lifting Firming Ampoule Mask on the mask, then apply the mask to the cleaned face, remove it after about 15-20 minutes, and gently massage to absorb the remaining essence. The Sephora Lifting Firming Ampoule Mask contains a variety of natural plant ingredients and active peptides, which can effectively lift and tighten the skin and improve skin sagging problems. Using this mask can make the skin smoother, more delicate, firmer and more elastic. In addition to using the Sephora Lifting Firming Ampoule Mask, you can also pay attention to measures such as massage, avoiding excessive cleaning and sun exposure in your daily skin care to help the skin maintain firmness and elasticity. In addition, you can also choose suitable skin care products according to the skin condition, such as products with moisturizing, repairing, antioxidant and other effects.

What about Sephora’s membership card?

If you spend at any store and fill in the information, you can become a white card member. The membership card will be given to you at that time, but the white card has no privileges. After you have a white card, you can automatically upgrade to a black card after spending four times the next day or spending more than 1,500 yuan, so you can enjoy membership privileges.


Sephora (SEPHORA), “the global cosmetics retail authority”, was founded in Limoges, France in 1969. SEPHORA has more than 1000 stores around the world, through Paris, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw, Lisbon, Athens, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Moscow and other international cities in more than 28 countries.

SEPHORA joined the global luxury brand company LVMH in 1997. SEPHORA has 1,665 stores in 21 countries around the world. In April 2005, SEPHORA opened their first store in Shanghai in the Chinese mainland. SEPHORA offers a comprehensive selection of products in the store: from skin care, beauty to fragrance; both prestigious cosmetic selection brands, as well as the latest market new products such as micro-bubble technology, and exclusive and proprietary SEPHORA (Sephora China) brand products.

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