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What brand official website is beaute?

Beaute is also Clé de Peau Beauté, the Chinese name is Key to the Skin, referred to as CPB. It is a cosmetic brand in Japan. Beaute’s products include foundation, eyeshadow, toner, lotion, etc., which are favored by consumers because of their unique efficacy and high quality.

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CPB Key to the Skin was born in Japan in 1982 and was specially developed for the world’s royal family and celebrities. It is a combination of Japanese high-tech and modern French aesthetic concepts

What software is beautycbox?

beautycbox is a powerful but easy-to-use plug-in software for new professional skin beauty filters. Beautycbox can easily remove wrinkles and spots on the skin. It makes users look 10 years old in one second. The software uses state-of-the-art face detection and smoothing algorithms to automatically identify clothing colors, remove blemishes and leave important facial details, and more.

Introduction to the Night Mu app?

The Night Mu app is a powerful night mode app that softens your phone’s screen at night, reducing the intensity of blue light, thus reducing eye damage. The Night Mu app provides a variety of different night modes, including night mode, warm color mode and black mode. You can choose the appropriate mode according to your preference. In addition, the Night Mu app also supports custom settings, you can adjust the screen brightness, color temperature and blue light intensity to get the most comfortable visual experience.

What does Angel Beauty mean?

Angel Beauty is a famous French skin care brand. Dr. Pudani, a famous biological cell molecular research expert, and several scientists co-founded the AGEL Biotechnology Skin Care Research Center. The product specifically contains plant thioprotein – a transparent, colorless and odorless viscous liquid at room temperature. And the research results of AGEL Bright Jindian series of skin care products allow women around the world to enjoy leading technology to bring healthy skin and youthful look. Main business categories: facial care, essential oils, eye and lip care and men’s care series.

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