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What brand of skin care products do you use when you are 70 years old?

Shiseido Baiyoujiexi Cream is better

best skin care routine for 70 year old woman

This cream under Shiseido has a rich texture and can effectively fade dark spots and fine lines, so that the skin is moderately in a bright state. This one from Shiseido is the texture of the cream, which is very delicate, moisturizing and hydrating, and has a good effect on repairing the skin. The ductility of the texture is also good, and it is well absorbed. I feel that the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes are also quite good.

What skin care products do 60 or 70 year old ladies use?

The elderly belong to aging skin, the skin is relatively loose and prone to wrinkles, the collagen of subcutaneous fat is relatively small, and the skin is relatively dry. If you choose skin care products, the focus is on supplementing nutrition. If you buy it, buy it with high nutrition or hydration. The moisturizing effect is good to prevent aging ingredients, and the elderly skin is prone to injury. If you choose, it is recommended to choose a skin-friendly one. You can also supplement vitamins appropriately. VC can reduce pigmentation and keep the skin white.

70-year-old skin care and beauty sentence?

1. At the age of 70, I also want to live a youthful and beautiful life, because only this is the proudest gesture of a woman. I pay great attention to skin care. I love beauty very much. I must keep my skin youthful and beautiful!

2. My life has been pursuing the so-called beauty. At the age of 70, I am also a skin care expert. Beauty is a woman’s nature. I hope I can always persevere and harvest the skin condition I want!

My mother is 70 years old. What gifts should I buy for her?

People have lived for 70 years. Mom’s 70th birthday should be her birthday. A mother who has worked hard all her life should stop and enjoy happiness. First, the Spring Festival is coming. Mom’s 70th birthday can buy her that kind of old man’s cotton-padded jacket, preferably red and black, red is auspicious, red is healthy, and mom will be very energetic when wearing it;

Second, it is almost Chinese New Year in the winter season. You can buy her a suitable thermal underwear or a cotton-padded coat. You can also choose scarves, bracelets and other things.

Third, you can also customize a 70-year-old cake for mom, and enjoy a happy birthday banquet with mom’s family to take pictures. Of course, no matter what kind of gift you give, it can’t express our gratitude to mom. Mom is 70 years old, and she has been a rare year in ancient times, so she often goes home to see, and filial piety is often on her mind.

If you want to make your mother more moved, you can also take some practical actions after giving birthday gifts. Taking the initiative to wash your mother’s feet, beat your back, and rub your shoulders at night may be more precious than all gifts. I hope it will help you.

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