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What brand of skin care product is jacskin?

Jacskin is a Justin brand of skin care products.

korean skin care routine for sensitive skin

is a domestic professional personal care brand. The products include facial care and body wash. It is committed to solving skin problems in a targeted manner while pursuing safety. It has been loved by many consumers with its cost-effective and gentle and safe characteristics.

Who knows the order of use of Korean cosmetics IOPE?

1. IOPE moisturizing soft skin water: A flexible makeup water containing natural plant moisturizing factors to keep the skin moisturized and smooth and form a protective film from external damage. Clear liquid, containing a variety of plant extracts, effectively replenishes skin moisture and balanced nutrition, prevents skin dryness and warping; smoothes fine lines, promotes the absorption of nutrients; adjusts skin pH value. Usage: After cleansing, take a little and pat it on the cheeks.

2. IOPE Moisturizing Lotion: Natural moisturizing factors maintain normal moisture in the skin, and contain high concentrations of plant extracts to give the skin softness and elasticity, making the skin more smooth and energetic. This series of products use natural extracts as the main raw materials, and cooperate with the advanced technology of Pacific Ocean to achieve excellent skin care effects. The product quality and efficacy rank first. The whole set is clinically allergic, and sensitive skin can also be used with peace of mind! Originating from nature, refreshing and pleasant, it provides the skin with endless vitality, soft and highly skin-friendly moisturizing lotion, containing a variety of plant extracts, which effectively regulates the skin and replenishes the nutrients required by the skin; strengthens the skin’s moisture and softness, and is the milk essence that makes the skin vibrant. Usage: After cleansing or toning, take a little and apply it lightly to the cheeks.

3. IOPE Nourishing Cream: Last use, it has the functions of moisturizing and maintaining. Usage: Take a little and apply it to the face.

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